Turn the Game Back On!Mature

The Husband Formerly Known as Jalen's POV:

"J, can you uh, stop doing that? Please? You're hurting me. No, baby, NO NO NO! Stop it! N-n-nu uh, no, no, no, seriously, no means no! I SAID NO DAMNIT!" 

She slapped me. I loved it. This kitty had some scratch to her. She said no to me everytime we tried this. But the black clothing, the ski mask and the way I had the side of her face meshed with the fabric of the sofa combined with me being behind her always told me otherwise. 

"No, really, I'm serious. This isn't fun anymore babe. You're just...I'm sorry to say, don't take it the wrong way, but you just ain't got it anymore."

I took my elbow off of her cheek. It was HER fantasy of fake rape that kept me doing this. Yet, she had the nerve to tell me that I didn't have my mojo anymore? Was she out of her flippin' mind? I don't have time for this shit. The game's on anyways.

I pushed her off the sofa not even caring where she landed. The only thing I could pray was that she landed on her head. At least, if she was knocked out she couldn't yap anymore. Already had two of my children by now. Her vagina was used up. Who needed it?

"Have my dinner ready. Don't make that Mexican shit. We're American. We ain't cannibals. We're civilized."

She just gave me that "look" again. It was like she was saying, "oh no the hell he didn't!" I didn't care. She was on all fours on the floor. So, like the good foot stool I put my feet up upon her back. The little shit knocked my feet away and got up in my face.

"Look, I don't know what the fuck your problem is but you better fix that shit ASAP. You think because I'm small I won't jaw your ass? How DARE you treat me like that? The fuck's wrong with you J? You been acting like a real piece of work lately."

The shouting woke up Caeleigh. That little annoyance had to bring her questioning ass into the room. I pointed back to her room.

"Back to your room...oreo..."

Shiloah never liked it when I called her that. I was just joking. Shit, get a sense of humor woman. The other thing that wasn't very funny was her slapping me yet again but this time it was harder. See, the first face slapping was just the roleplaying of sex or what was supposed to be the beginning of sex until her whoremones kicked in. 


I shook my head. Felt a headache coming on. That always happened for some reason. It was annoying. Not half as annoying as Shiloah though. Whenever she got up in my face she would, not only shout, but spit at the same time. Say it and don't spray it woman. I took a shower already. Your saliva isn't Old Spice by any scretch of the imagination.


The casual apology wasn't even really an apology. Oh, and she just had to go baby up Caeleigh. That's why she was spoiled now. Her mother always undermined me whenever I told her to do something. She'd just go to mom and ask her the same questions that she asked me. That way, when her mother inevitably said yes where I said no both the parents could be played against one another.

I guess she went to go tuck baby girl into bed. And I guess I was about to hear it. Who cares? Dirk Nowinkski was kicking ass tonight. Twenty five points in three quarters. Now that's a man to admire. At least, he's admirable if my wife wouldn't take the remote control from my hand and turn the television off. 

"Turn it back on."

She ignored my order. She'd never make it in the military. Had too much of an attitude. 

"Me, you, bedroom, NOW!"

Did she just tell ME to do something? She had to be outside her damn mind if she thought I was going to respond to that. I wouldn't even give her the dignity of even looking at her. Fuck that. 

"I said turn the TV back on. What? You trying to start a fight with me?"

She folded her arms, popped her neck and narrowed her eyes. Gosh, that woman was more black than any "sister" I knew of. 

"Why yes, my DEAR asshole of a husband, I'm trying to start a fight. We have to talk about you. J, seriously, I understand you been to Afghanistan again. You joined the guard. You knew the risks. You need to get some help for your PTS."

I told her one time. I told her twice. Three times? No, I don't have post traumatic stress syndrome. 

"Get up Jalen. We have to go to our room to discuss this. I don't want baby girl to hear this. Please, come on, let's just talk about this."

Oh, now she wanted to be loving? Now she wanted to just talk things out? Talking was over. I gave her ample time to turn the game back on. I tried to go take the remote from her. She put it behind her back. She thought I was playing games with her? Oh, I wasn't. 

"This is my house, this is my carpet, you're wearing MY nightgown and this is my TV. So, when I want to watch it I'll watch it. When I want to go to MY room I'll go. You stupid ungrateful bitch!" 

Caeleigh wasn't asleep. She watched everything from her room door. I could hear her gasp as I struck her mother. As Shiloah hit the ground and blood ran from her nose she looked up to see our daughter watching everything. I looked up to see those blue eyes looking at me. They looked upon a monster.

"Baby girl, I--"

I couldn't finish. She had already closed the door and tried to lock it. My feet moved fast to try to get to her to explain myself. Shiloah tried to grab my feet. Stop! I'm not going to hit our child! I'd never hurt her. No, not her! Not in front of her little brother who slept in the same room!

"Please, wait!"

Caeleigh locked the door. She hid under the covers. The monster under her bed seemed like a nun compared to me right now. 

The End

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