Experiment: Couldn't HurtMature

"Jalen...Jalen!" I heard the click of the phone. I sighed. I looked at my beautiful daughter. "C'mon honey, let's go get you some dinner." I picked her up and kissed her hairline. She wrapped her arms around my neck and opened her mouth, kissing my cheek with her mouth open and sticking her lizard tounge out. I laughed, her tounge on my skin felt really weird and gross. I pulled her away and kissed her again. "You're so cute!"

When we got into the kitchen I took out her Gerber baby food. I sat her in her highchair and grabbed her spoon. "Mmmm, baby, you want some carrots!?" I got her to finish her puree after much spitting, and funny faces. "Good girl for mommy! C'mon let's go watch Little Einsteins that way I can call your father." I cleaned her up and picked her up, but as soon as I did the phone rang. I was kind of worried about Jalen, he never hung up on me or Caeleigh, even if he was mad. I was glad he was calling me back. But when I looked at the caller ID, it didn't pick his number up. "Hello!?" I started freaking out as I heard the voice on the other line, I didn't know what was happening, I almost dropped Caeleigh. "Is this Mrs. Kartel?"

 "Yes, what's wrong, why are you calling me?"

"Ma'am, you need to come to the Santa Rosa Hospital right away, you're husband was in an accident. He might not make it." I dropped the phone, it felt like it went down in slow motion. It clattered on the ground. I put Caeleigh down and fell down silently next to her. I stared at her.

"Da." I took her into my arms and started crying. I didn't want her to say that now. No. She stayed silent after that. "C'mon, we need to go, baby." I wiped my tears and stood up, starting to get her bag ready. .


 "Excuse me! What room is Mr. Kartel in? I'm his wife!" I asked one of the nurses at the station. She stood up and nodded sadly.

"Yes. Come with me." I followed her. Tears sprang up into my eyes and I held onto Caeleigh tightly. If Jalen didn’t survive, she was all I had. When we finally got to his room, I ran to his side.

“Jalen! Oh…Jalen…please!?” I squeezed his hand, but mostly everything was distorted on his body. It hardly even looked liked him, but it was. I put his hand over my stomach. “Please, you have to live for your baby boy if nothing else.” Several tears dropped onto Caeleigh’s hand. I sat down next to him. I kissed his arms. “Jalen…” I sniffed. “You can’t leave me…” I took Caeleigh’s tiny hand and put it on Jalen’s huge one. “It’s daddy, Baby Girl.”

“Da.” She cooed, looking at the tubes covering his face.

“Yeah…Da.” “Mrs. Kartel, I presume?” I turned at the sound of my name. The doctor walked in and shook my hand, and grabbed Caeleigh’s and shook it as well. “And who is this?”

 “This is our daughter, Caeleigh.” Caeleigh shyly cuddled into my chest.

“Mrs. Kartel, I’m so sorry about your husband, but we might be able to keep him alive. There is an experiment that has been currently discovered, they’ve been working on it for about 30 years. You’re husband fit’s the needed requirements. We already ran him through tests.” I nodded, interested, anything for my baby.

 “What is it? Will it hurt him?” I put Caeleigh on the guest chair.

 “It’s a sort of brain transfer, it’s been successful in more than 10 patients. Only a limited amount of brain surgeons know about it. Luckily, Dr. Jameson is one of those. Umm…we’re doing the most we can for your husband, his boss is a donor to the hospital, so he’s getting the best benefits and utmost care. We’re going to do our best. You do have to sign a few consent forms.” He handed me a clipboard. I looked over the form and signed the bottom. It couldn’t hurt. If anything, it would bring him back. I hoped to God it did. We needed him.

The End

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