Shiloah's POV:

My face fell. No...God...please no...I reread the directions. I decided that I should take another one. I pulled the second test out of the box and tried it. I sighed, bile raised into my throat. I stood up and flushed the toilet. I turned around and pulled my hair up into a pony, waiting for it to come out.

I laid on the bathroom floor, the cool of the tile enveloping me. I raised the hand the test was in and as soon as I saw the little pink plus sign, I groaned. "Jalen...Your wish came true. You're having another baby..." I sighed to myself, squinting my vision upward.

"Honey, have you seen my..." He looked quizically at me. He was so handsome in a suit, I sighed. He started chuckling, "Babydoll, what you doing down there?" He looked into the toilet full of vomit. "Babe, you okay?" He rushed down to my level and picked my head up, running his fingers through my hair. He kissed my forehead, and I don't blame him, my breath probably reeked right now.

I pushed the peestick to him and I turned around to where my face was buried into the tile. 'Maria needed to mop these floors.' I heard him begin his fit of happiness and 'yes's'.

"Yes! Oh...Yes! Ha-ha! I'm going to have me another baby! Yes!" Whereas I started silently sobbing. I didn't want to be the mom of another child when I haven't even got the first one out of diapers. I was kidding him when I told him I didn't want anymore kids. I would love more, just...I wanted to wait after Caeleigh. He just didn't understand the pain. Of course...he was there at her birth, but he fainted in the middle of it. "Baby, isn't this great!?" He laughed, but I sat there, still and silent. I didn't want him knowing I was crying. He turned me over and saw the tears. "Oh, baby...don't cry? What's there to cry about?"

"I don't want to have another baby right after Caeleigh. I wanted to wait for at least a little bit, till she was maybe 3 or something, but...only 1? I'm still learning to be a new mother. I mean...I'm going to freaking...love this baby, but...I just wished it would have waited." I sat up and looked at him. He brushed the tears away and pulled me into him.

"You know what?" He said.


"You and me are going to take the day off today, I'll tell Jeff to cover all my duties for the day, and we're all going to go to the amusement park, and eat as much as we can till our stomachs fall out of us!" He smiled, he knew how much I loved amusement parks, granted I was terrified of roller coasters, but I loved all the other rides. I hadn't been in over a year, and he knew this would put me in good spirits.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Yep! Me, you, baby girl, and zygote." He kissed my nose and chuckled.

"Shut up! He's probably not that small anymore!"

"He? How do you know it's a boy?" He gave me another one of his quizzical looks.

"I just...feel it, I was right about the first one...soooooooo..." I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, "Oh God! Umm...I need to take a shower and get cleaned up, wow! I'm sorry you had to look at me this way." I cleared my throat. I pulled out the toothpaste and brush and started in on my daily cleaning.

"Can I take one with you?"

"Only iof somoon ish washink fa boby!" I laughed because he probably wouldn't be able to understand that. I kept brushing and looked at him from the reflection of the mirror. He was smiling.

"You're so cute!"

"Fut op!" I grabbed the tube of paste and threw it backwards at him, horribly failing in the attempt.

"Awwww! You can't even hit me!" He teased. I shot him a glare and spat out the frothy paste from my mouth and washed it out with water. I dried my mouth on the handtowel next to the sink.

"Boy, I will...beat you!" I started chasing him as soon as he started running out of the room. He ran into Caeleigh's room and picked her up out of her crib and held her out in front of me.

"Think of the baby before you hit me!" He laughed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. "Think of our little zygote!"

I took Caeleigh into my arms and picked up the rocking chair pillow and threw it at him. "Oh shit!" I laughed. "Caeleigh, we better run!"

The End

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