What The Hourglass Won't TellMature

Shiloah's POV:

I finished my last entry for the day as I started packing up to go home. Keys, drink, and sunglasses, were soon in hand as I made my way to my Escalade in the parking lot garage. I made myself comfortable in the seat and slowly backed out. I swiftly looked at the carseat in the back and continued my drive to La Petite.

Once inside, the assitant gave me permission to go to the class, I lingered looking in the doorway as my little girl played with her pacifier. I soon unhooked the gate and made my way to her. "Caeleigh, hey baby girl!"

She turned her head and answered to her name. She tried scooting towards me, but I picked her up and kissed her forehead, making herself go into an automatic superman position. "How's my baby? Hmm, how is hers?" I pipped up my voice to make it appealing to her. I brought her down and sat her on my hip, going to her teacher, my best friend.

"Hi, Shiloah! How was work today?" Tamika asked, hugging me with one arm, since our other arm was full with babies.

"Ugh, boring. I hate working! It was so easy when I just got to stay home!" We both laughed. "At least you have a fun job." Tamika snorted.

"Girl, one thing, just because you're baby is a good child, don't mean every kid is going to be that way, and second, a job is a job, it don't matter what type of job...it's a job, you're still going to hate it!" She laughed. I joined in with her and switched Caeleigh to my other arm.

"That is true, but still, it used to be so much easier when Jalen just bought me everything...now apparently that we have a baby I have to contribute. I guess he's right." I shrugged. "Still...I don't want to work."

"Honey, that boy does so much for you just to be happy, I wish I had me a man like that! But no, mine just wants to sit on his ass and watch TV after work. The only time he comes to the table and eats is when ya'll come over." I thought it over.

"Yeah, but you seriously could do much better than Antonio. Girl, you used to be the proudest black woman I knew! Then you went to that guy and he just...boy ain't for you. But, babe, I got to go, Jalen is already on his way home, and I wanted to cook a nice meal for us." I kissed her cheek goodbye and was headed home.

As I turned onto our street I had an eerie feeling. I looked back at Caeleigh's sleeping figure and then back. I saw Jalen pull up into the garage and I pulled up right with him. I smiled when I saw him and the uncomfortable feeling lifted. He stepped out of the Dodge and opened the door on Caeleigh's side to wake her.

"Hey! How're my two beautiful girls?" He smiled. "How was work, honey?"

"Don't get me started!" I laughed. Caeleigh was looking around at her surroundings and cooed when she looked at Jalen. He took her out of her carseat and into his arms.

"Yeah...that's my precious girl!" He kissed her nose and rubbed her face softly with her fingers. "You coming babe?" I stared at them and how beautiful they were. I sighed happily and went for the seat buckle.

I shut my door and went inside, dropping my things in the entry way. I stared at the kitchen, wishing it would come alive and make our food for tonight. I loved cooking, but I was so exhausted.

"You okay, honey?" He asked as I put a rag under cold and held it on the back of my neck. He put Caeleigh on the floor in the living room where her toys were scattered in the middle of the floor.

"Yeah, I'll be fine just feeling a little sick." I bent over the counter and put my forehead on the cool granite. Jalen smacked my ass. "Hey, I'm going to get you back for that!" I giggled, turning around and getting trapped in the arms of Jalen.

"Oh really? And how, may I ask, are you going to do that?" He kissed my neck while picking me up, pulling me up onto the counter.

"I don't know, I really haven't thought about it. But, whatever it is, I'll be sure to make it worth my while." I smiled, teasing. I undid one of the buttons on his shirt causing him to lift an eyebrow up at me.

"Your while and my while?" He smirked. I rolled my eyes, and kissed his forehead.

"Nope, just mine." I laughed, pushing him away, jumping off the counter and leaving him to cook as I took Caeleigh and went to go change into something comfortable. "Me and your daughter want spaghetti." I smiled back at him as I left.

The last thing that was heard was, "She can't even speak yet!" 

The End

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