I lost something

And no, I don't mean this in the symbolic "my-personality-has-lost-something" sense.

That something I lost.. well, it wasn't a something. It was a person.

"Don't make any enemies, do as Romans do."

I'll always remember what my dad said right before school, on that first day. Junior year, right after the Winter Formal dance, when I took Abigail Birdsley, the most popular girl in our class... well, I came home to my mother, crying her eyes out, and news that my father had a heart attack.

And died.

Well, I can honestly say that I followed his advice. I never made any enemies. I never did anything to make them. They just.. well, they appeared, practically out of nowhere.

Abby dumped me a month later. "I understand you're going through a lot, but I just.. it's not normal, the way you're acting."

My mother: "What the Hell is the matter with you?"

It seemed like everyone was thinking the same thing.

But you never acted any differently. Your grades fell, and you were quiet, and you.. you were sad for a little while, that was all. And when you finally woke up, you were single, with no friends.. deserted.

I never made any enemies, Dad..

The End

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