What the Heck Happened?

What was it, like yesterday, that I was being dropped off for my first day of high school?

I got out of the car, half expecting this to be different than every other time my dad had dropped me off at school, but unsurprised when it was just like a regular day. That is, except for the advice,

"Don't make any enemies, do as romans do."

"I got this," I thought, "I just gotta play it cool, play it straight and Harvard will be keeling over for me in four years."

Fast forward four years and you're stressing. Forget Harvard, you couldn't even get into the tier two schools of your choice. You fill out applications for some of the lower end ivy schools but never submit them, a choice that will haunt me forever. No, I don't need the rejection, applying to one school is enough even if it is open door state U. Worst case scenario, community colleges are way underrated.

My first year at StateU was miserable, I did well in all my classes but lost points in them for the stupidest things. My standards begin to drop. Dreams for Harvard Medical School are slowly fading. The next semester your grades fall, the following semester they're terrible. Pressure is building up all around me, all my friends think I'm such a genius and they all are jealous. I can see it in their eyes.

I withdraw from all my friends, even my best friends I don't talk to for weeks at a time. I got too much going on.

My mom calls, crying hysterically on the phone,
"What the Hell is the matter with you?"

You don't feel the remorse and guilt you used to when my mom cried. Just leave me alone, I muse to myself as hear her pleas over the phone.

What happened?

I was a model kid, always the class clown, but the high acheiver. Never genius-level stuff, but there's a reason why genius has its own word. Somewhere along the way...

The End

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