What the Deaf Man Heard.

Like many single mothers in America in the past, her life was terrible ,alone ,with her little son. Her son had turible llife too, they live iin poverty aand misery,the son always heard bad comments in his school, they always asked about his dad, where is he and that his mom is bad.

The boy all the time asks his mother where is dad and who is he,and she did not answer him.

One day the mom has a very important letter ,it was reply for many letters she had sent it before.the letter was from the dad of her littel child,finally he said he wants to see them .

The mom was very happy ,she ran away to her son with tears in her eyes ,she was saying "my lovely son ,we are going to see your dad ,pick up your clothes on your bag,we will travel tommorw"

Next day she and her son were all ready to go,they were giong by the bus ,and there is avery long trip were waiting for them.

They gget oon the bus and they were so excited,when they werein tthe bus on the middele of the night the bus stopped in staion for the people if they want to get adrink or go to the rest room

Her son was sleepinginthe bus and she went to the restroom,When she was in the  restroom astrange man came and kill her.

her son countinued his sleeped ,and the bus also continued the trip ,the next day the son woke up and he saw hiiim self in new village and her mom wasnot around him.

He didnot know what he have to do he was so sceard

The End

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