What Should They Do?

It was a typical Day 4 at W.S. Hawrylak School, and Rooms 205 & 209 were finishing off the day with Tech Buddies, when all of a sudden, they were left in total darkness. The lights had gone out and they could not see a thing.

 All of a sudden, the school went dark, really dark! What was happening?  At first Room 205 & 209 students just sat there waiting for the lights to come back on.  After a few seconds, some of them got the giggles, and before long, the entire upstairs was filled with a very contagious giggling sound.

After a few minutes, the giggling began to die out, as the students realized that the lights were not coming back on, at least not for awhile.  The Grade 6/7 students reached over and held the hand of the Grade 3 Tech Buddies and told them that it was going to be okay. It was so dark that they could not even see the faces of their buddies.  They waited, expecting to hear Mrs. Bower's or Mrs. Porritt's voices, telling them that everything would be okay and that someone was fixing the problem, and they would soon have light again.  They waited and waited and waited, but no lights and no voices from the teachers.

It wasn't long before some of the students became frightened. Voices began to call out for Mrs. Bower and Mrs. Porritt, but there was no reply from either of their teachers.  You could 'feel' the panic in the air, as students came to the realization that something was really, really wrong!  What should they do?

The End

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