What Should I Write About?

Hmm, what should I write about? Or, rather, type about? Should I type about how life is not perfect? How I am a good example of this, and I have learned to deal? How I know that I am not the only good example? How there are so many other people with problems, like me? How although I know this, I don't really think about it until now? About how I know I should drop this subject before I get too into it, but I don't? How everyone is so close minded? How we never think about the other people with problems, and are only concerned with our own problems? Why we are so close minded? How we get rid of our close mindedness? Why we can't get rid of it? Why maybe we can, but we don't seem to bother? Why we try to understand eachother, but never really can? Why it is like this? How we develop these problems in the first place? How we get rid of them? Why most of us don't bother to try to rid ourselves of them, and think they will go away? Why no one ever really pays attention to the advice of their peers? Why although the advice may be good, we ignore it, thinking we can solve it on our own? Why we can't solve them on our own? Why even if we can, we once again do not bother? How we don't even look to the advice, only forget about it? Why we will not take advice? Why even though we will not take advice, we believe we need help to deal? Why we won't take help when it is offered? Why we don't seek help? How our compliments of eachother are mostly hollow? Why we cannot seem to be genuine all the time? Why this is? Why we are concerned with other's feelings, when they may not be concerned of ours? Why everyone is so different, yet so equal? Why everyone says that we are different from eachother? Why we say that we are equal, or the same? How both are so very true? How it is possible for both to be true? Why they both are true? Why I am writing this? How some people are deep, yet others are shallow? Why some people are deep and others are shallow? Why no one digs deep enough to find the truth, and only ever finds the fools' gold? Why we will only dig deep enough to find the fools' gold? Why we do not realize that what we have found is not the truth, but a decoy? Why these tricks are set for us? Why we fall for them? How we can live with the ever lasting lies? Why we believe there are good and bad lies? How honest we really are? How it is possible to be honest, when we can never dig deeper than the fools' gold? How we can be honest when we really don't know the truth? Why that is? Why I have written this? Why I must stop? How I am sorry, and I may return? How I ask you to forgive me? How I must go now, and I say Goodbye?

How I may not even be here?
The End

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