What really happened to the Gingerbread Man

It was the third day of the big trial.  Everyone was there, the court was filled to capacity.  It was hot and stuffy.  Everyone thought it was open and shut, that it would have been over by now.  The Judge was still in his chambers talking to the attorneys.
Apparently new evidence had been found, something so spectacular it couldn't even be talked about in court.  Talking amongst themselves, they waited.
Finally the bailiff called all rise, introduced the Judge,  they all waited for the Judge to sit and the bailiff called be seated.
The Judge looked over a file that had been placed in front of him, he picked up his gavel and called the court to order.  Everyone sat stiff, not breathing, waiting, what was the big news?
The prosecutor called his first witness.. Little Old Man, he told him to tell what happened that day.  Little Old Man thought for a moment and then told how his wife had baked the Gingerbread Man, how she had put him on the pan to cool, he told how she had lovingly made him with raisins for eyes, sweet candied carrot pieces for a mouth and spicy currants down his little coat for buttons.  Right here the prosecutor stopped him and asked were they going to eat  him, Little Old Man dropped a tear, he looked incredulous and told how he and his wife had planned to raise him, they had no children and he would have been the child they had never had. Little Old Man turned his head and looked at the jury.  The prosecuter asked him to tell what happened once the Gingerbread Man jumped off the table..  Little Old Man told how he and his wife had tried to catch him, how they had tried to calm him down, how they had cried because he ran away, he told how the dog, cat, duck, goose and pig had tried to catch him but, he was just too fast.. he told them how Gingerbread Man just kept saying.. run, run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man.  He ended by saying the last time he saw him (his son) (sniff) the fox was taking him across the pond.
The prosecuter called three more witnesses after that, all told the same story, it seemed the fox was guilty.
The court was dead silent when the defense called its first witness, Bossy the cow... Murmuring started and the Judge called the court back to order.  
The attorney stood in front of Bossy, asked her to tell who she was, and what she saw.  
It was a tale worth telling, she recalled the Gingerbread Man running and screaming for his life, she said Little Old Man, Little Old Woman, Duck, Goose, Dog, Cat and Pig were chasing him.  She stated that once he reached the pond, he couldn't go across because he would have melted being a Gingerbread Man and all.  Right here the attorney asked why had he been screaming and running, Bossy looked around the court, stopping at the jury and she burst into tears.  She said, they were going to eat him.  Little Old Man and Duck stood up and called her a liar, the Judge banged the gavel and told them to come to order or he would clear the court.  The attorney told Bossy to finish, she dabbed at her eyes with her hanky and continued.  She told how the fox offered to take the Gingerbread Man across the pond, but before the Gingerbread Man could jump on the foxs back, Little Old Man hit fox with a shovel on the head knocking him out, she said they grabbed the Gingerbread Man and ate him.
The court exploded, Little Old Man, Little Old Woman, Duck, Dog, Goose, Cat and Pig were calling her a liar, that is when the attorney pulled out his ace, a video Bossy had taken with her cellphone.. on the video, almost too horrible to watch, the seven culprits ate the screaming Gingerbread Man.
The fox was released.  The criminals were sent to prison.. Little Old Man will never have that child, Little Old Woman was not allowed to bake ever again, Duck no longer swam in his pond, Dog had bones left buried, Cat didn't play with yarn anymore and Goose well, he was just there, couldn't fly south for the winter.  It hadn't taken the jury long to convict them once they started to deliberate, nothing else they could have said except, guilty.
This is what really happened that day to the Gingerbread Man.

The End

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