Events from the past shape your future I was always told. Well, I do have a pretty good idea of how my past effects my future but I can’t put it into words.


My alarm clock went off and I jumped out of bed in a rush. Then remembering where I was getting ready to go, my steps slowed as I strolled to turn on the overhead light in my room. I ambled into the bathroom and prepared to get ready as my sister’s bed creaked, a sign that she was getting up. Our bathroom was shared with a room into hers and into mine. I guess there’s good and bad to that.

Luckily, I hurried through the motions and was out before she came in. Picking out a cute black babydoll dress and some matching black gladiator sandals, I headed into the kitchen to pack a quick lunch. And in each second of my morning, each thought was centered on Him.

When would I see him? In twenty minutes after the drive to school.

What will he said to me? I’m not exactly sure.

Will he be like one of those guys who pretend everything is fine and there are no problems? Or will he care enough to say sorry one more time for the final thing that broke my heart?

What will he do? I almost want to get to the place I was dreading so much now, just to have an answer. Just to have an explanation, a conclusion for all my ponderings.

The End

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