What About You

“What about you?” I repeated silently in the darkness. I checked the clock 5:32. Only a couple hours left of Spring Break until its back to freshman year of high school. Only a couple hours of peace left before I have to walk into a hellhole called school.

The devil is waiting for me there. His name: Raine Belen.

God, Raine was perfect … well almost perfect. He was cute and funny. Smart and perverted at times, but doesn’t everyone have their moments? Sweet when he wanted to be and the guy that seemed to be there just for me.

But our somewhat relationship wasn’t like normal things. In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even a relationship. Friends with benefits maybe or something more.

I can even remember back to a time when I didn’t hate him. And still, my emotions for him were too strong to actually describe. I thought he was the One but he wasn’t. He let me down … just like always.

I sighed loudly; there was no possible way for me to go back to sleep now. I turned on the light by my bed and hoped the glow under the door wouldn’t wake my older sister across the hall. Then I pulled the blue and white polka-dot covers to my chin and looked at the clock once more, waiting for my alarm clock to sound at 6:15.

The End

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