What Kids Do.

It was the perfect day to be outside, the skies were clear and the temperature was mild, tempting the five friends into stepping away from their computer screens and going to the park. They were an odd bunch, two adults, Jay, aged eighteen, and Irina, aged twenty-six, and three teenagers, Kat, aged fourteen, Jamie, aged sixteen and Felicia, aged thirteen. Age difference didn’t matter to them though, they got along great and hardly ever fought and they all tended to act like immature children, so they all saw each other as the same age mentally, which was all that they thought counted.
At the park Jamie and Irina sat on the tire-swing with Jay pushing them while Felicia and Kat rolled down the grassy hill, giggling and running back up the hill once they reached the bottom. Irina smiled at them as Kat hugged Felicia from behind “I love you Feli~” the girl shouted as the other squeaked and ducked down under Kat’s arms and ran to the others, almost getting hit by the tire-swing as it spun in a circle. Jamie and Jay watched as Kat ran over and started chasing Felicia around the tire-swing “Watch out!” Irina said as the pair of girls almost got hit again. At hearing Irina’s warning, Felicia stopped running abruptly, causing Kat to run into her and fall, the others laughed and Jay grabbed the chain of the tire-swing so that it jerked to a stop.
“Are you okay baby?” Jay asked the girl, it was a joke inside the group that Kat was Jay and Irina’s child even though none of them were related or involved romantically in anyway. “I’m sorry!” Felicia said as Jamie hopped off the tire-swing, causing Irina to lose balance and have to get off as well since the weight was now un-balanced, and helped Kat up. “It’s okay! I’m fine!” The young girl said when suddenly she got a phone-call “Oh my God! It’s Anna!” She shouted excitedly and ran off to answer it. Irina looked after the girl in confusion “Who’s Anna?” she asked the others, Jay shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the pole holding up the swing but Jamie looked thoughtful “Didn’t we meet her somewhere?” She asked but Irina still looked clueless “That blonde girl who was wearing the fake glasses?” Jay asked.
“Yes!” Jamie shouted, happy that she wasn’t the only one who remembered “Oh! That banana girl?” Irina asked, she gave nicknames to everyone that she met and Anna was ‘Anna the Banana’, Jamie nodded while Felicia sat on one of the normal swings and was just sitting there when Irina came up behind her and started pushing her, causing the youngest girl to squeak in surprise. Kat skipped back to the group happily with the phone still in her hand “Guess what” she said with a impish grin “What?” Jay and Jamie asked as Irina laughed at Felicia yelling at her to stop pushing because the swing started to twist.
“Anna just told me that....Is that a Kirby shirt?” Kat started but got off track when a girl about her age walked into the park wearing a black shirt featuring Kirby who looked up when she heard Kat yell. Felicia almost fell off when she looked behind her to look too and Irina had to stop the swing as she looked as well, along with the others. The girl who owned the shirt stopped walking and stared at them, nervous at having them all staring at her “Um, hi?” She said nervously before starting to walk again but this time she was headed towards the group.
The group except for Kat greeted her as Feli hopped off the swing to join the others “Hi!” Kat said happily to the newcomer “What’s your name?” the others laughed or smiled at Kat’s words, she was always way too sociable and never realized that some people didn’t like talking as much as she did. “Oh, I’m Teresa” she said “And I’m glad that you like my shirt” Irina was about to say something when a black car pulled up along side of the street near the park entrance, catching Jay’s attention “That’s my mom” he said, sighing and starting to walk over to it “Bye guys” he shouted over his shoulder, everyone shouted “Bye” back as he got into the car and it drove away. Felicia was about to say something when Kat started to stare at Teresa and said “In my  Spanish class we all have Spanish names and mine is Teresa” she blurted out “Oh, uh, that’s cool” Teresa said with a confused look as Felicia and Irina giggled “My kitty speaks Spanish?” The oldest asked gleefully “Sí” Kat said with a nod “That’s cool” Teresa said with a nod as she rubbed her hands together “I don’t speak much Spanish..”.
“Are your hands cold?” Irina asked, noting how the girl appeared to be trying to warm herself up, as Felicia sat down and leaned against a pole “Yeah, a little bit” Teresa replied. “I can buy you some gloves!” Kat said happily as she walked over and plopped down on Felicia’s lap and the girl wrapped her arms around the other playfully, causing the four of them laughed “That’ll be cool” the newcomer said and Kat nodded “I’ll get you Kirby ones to match your shirt”. Irina opened her mouth to talk when Felicia’s phone went off “Oh! I got a text!” She said, removing one arm from Kat to reach into her pocket and getting her phone out, flipping it open before wrapping her arms around the girl sitting on her lap again and reading it over her shoulder. Kat frowned when she finished reading the text as the two other girls watched them “I have to leave” Felicia said sadly “It’s dinner time”.
“Bye, bye, Italiano” Irina said with a small wave as the youngest stood up, causing Kat to fall to the ground and cling to her feet “Don’t go! I’ll miss you Feli!” she shouted, pretending to cry “I have to Kat! Ciao!” She said, shaking the other off her foot and starting to walk to her home. “Tell your brother I said ‘Hi’!” Kat shouted at her retreating back, getting over her sadness as Felicia held up a thumbs-up without looking back to show that she would, making the other two girls laugh although Teresa was still confused by the girls. Jamie then declared that she too had to  go and exchanged fare-wells with the others before hopping on her bike and riding away.
Irina smiled knowingly and looked over at Teresa “Kitty has a crush on Italiano’s brother” she informed the other girl who raised an eyebrow “Really now?” She asked in amusement as Kat stood up and rolled her eyes “Yes, really” the girl said with a smirk as she walked over to cling to Irina’s arm and rested her head on the older girl’s shoulder. Even though they were twelve years apart, Irina was only an inch taller than the other girl and so they were both shorter than the average person their age. “You guys are so weird” Teresa said with a chuckle “But in a good way, of course”.
“Of course in a good way!” Irina agreed and Kat nodded as well, falling silent before a thought popped into her mind “I’m gonna buy you some microwavable slippers too!” She said, getting off of Irina to face Teresa “They make those?” The girl asked with a tilt of the head “Yeah!” Kat said excitedly “The people, like, put rice in them so that you can microwave them!” She jumped on the spot to emphasize her words. “But, what’s the point of them?” Irina asked critically “They’re so your feet become nice and toasty!” Kat answered, causing Irina to look thoughtful “Yeah, that’s true I guess” and Teresa laughed “That’ll be cool, I’ll just tell you where I live and you can mail them over” she joked.
“I would if I could” Kat said seriously, looking up at Teresa, who looked at her oddly before smiling and shaking her head in amusement. Irina snatched the phone that was still in Kat’s hand and started looking through it while the owner whirled around to glare at the adult “So, what did Anna say when you talked to her?” She asked, remembering that the younger girl never finished telling them about it since she was so distracted by the Kirby shirt “Oh, nothing,” Kat answered mysteriously, causing Irina to raise an eyebrow at her “Anyway” Kat continued “I want to say it when we’re all together  so that everyone will know at the same time”.
“But, you know, so really, not everyone is knowing at the same time” Teresa pointed out, even though she had no idea what the other girls were talking about as Irina started browsing through the photos on Kat’s phone. This statement caused the girl to think a little while, trying to think of a way to twist things back around so that they would work in her favor but couldn’t think one so instead she just nodded and said “That, my child, is totally correct” and the other scoffed “Child? I bet I’m older than you, I’m thirteen” Kat laughed, “I’m fourteen” she said triumphantly. “Wow, really? You look younger” “It’s because I’m so short!” “You guys are both children to me” Irina butted in “Can I text this girl?” She added, showing Kat the screen of her phone which had one of her contact’s, labeled as Megan, page up. Once Irina got permission, she smiled and started texting “How old are you?” Teresa asked Irina, intrigued.
“Too old” Irina responded with a sigh, snapping the phone closed and stuffing it into Kat’s pant’s pocket as the girl told Teresa “She’s twenty-six, and my mommy, except not really”. The new girl looked at the pair oddly “That’s...odd” she laughed “Do you know what time it is?” Irina looked at her wrist-watch and yawned “It’s about six o’clock” she answered. “Oh gosh, I have to leave” Teresa said, looking worried, “I was only supposed to be here for like, three minutes, bye guys” Kat looked up at her with sad eyes “You’re leaving too?” She whined “Bye, bye” Irina said, lightly flicking the younger girl on the head for whining “Yes, sadly, I have to leave, I’ll be here tomorrow though” Teresa said, shouting the last part since she had already started running off.
Kat pouted for a second before sitting down on the tire-swing, putting her legs on the other side to keep it balanced, and looking at Irina, signaling that she should push her. Irina stared at her for a moment with a look that clearly said that she was not going to push her before sighing in defeat “Alright” she sighed “But only because I love you” Irina grinned and started pushing Kat softly for a little bit before going faster at the demands of the child but stopping when she started shouting “No! Stop! I’m about to fall!” Irina laughed as the swing jerked to a stop, making Kat slip through the hole in the middle.
The adult laughed again and moved the tire so that the other could stand up. “That wasn’t very nice” she pouted as she stood up. Irina clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth “It wasn’t my fault mi amor, you were the one who wasn’t properly seated on the swing” Kat made a face “Yeah, well...Nyah!” She said, sticking out her tongue at the end of her sentence childishly. Irina stared at the girl with her hands on her hips, trying to look mature, before giving up and swatting at the young teen’s tongue, causing the other to light bite her finger “Ow!” Irina lightly smacked Kat on the head “You’re so immature” she teased, causing the other to giggle and release the finger “It’s part of my charm” she explained with a grin.
After another hour at the park with Irina, Kat returned home to go on the computer when her adopted little sister, Snezhana, from Russia knocked on the door to her bedroom “Kat” she called out, drawing out the name “What Snezzie?” Kat said with a slight attitude “I’m on the computer”
“Yeah, well, mommy wants you to get off now”
“Tell her I’ll be off in one second”
“She said right no-”
Snezhana was cut off by the sound of Kat slamming her hand on her keyboard “Okay, fine! I’m off!” She snapped, getting up with a huff and laying down on her bed as Snezhana walked in “Mommy told me I had to turn off your computer too. She said you’re on it too much” Kat put a pillow over her face but didn’t say anything so she walked over to the computer and shut off the monitor before walking back out.
As soon as her sister left, Kat reached for her I-pod Touch that she keeps in her beside-table’s draw, only to find it gone. With the groan, she sat up, flung her pillow across the room, and walked out of her room and down the stairs into the living room where her mom was. Kat grabbed a coat “I’m going back to the park” she told her mom, who didn’t look up from her cell-phone, rolling her eyes and walking out the door, Kat started to walking, but not to the park. Taking her phone out of her pocket, she searched through her contact list, looking for someone to talk to and possibly hang out with if they’re not too busy.
Not really feeling like bothering any of her friends that she was just with a mere hour ago, she decided to call up Anna. “Kat!” The blonde friend called upon answering the phone “Anna!” Kat shouted back with a giggle “What’s up?”
“Nothing, what are you doing?”
“Nada right now, why?”
“I’m so bored! Wanna hang out somewhere?”
There was a moment of silence in which Kat knew that the answer would be no, for whatever reason, and this caused her to frown and her good-mood that she got from talking to Anna quickly disappeared. “You know I want to...” Anna said, trailing off at the end of her sentence “I know, I know” Kat replied sadly, hanging up the phone before the other even had a chance to respond.
She kept walking, her combat boots thumping against the sidewalk pavement as her brown hair blew into her face and with a groan of anger, Kat pushed her hair back into a messy pony-tail, not bothering to make it neater since the wind would blow it around to much. Continuing to walk, she soon found that she wasn’t in an area that was recognizable but Kat didn’t care, she just wanted to be out of her house. All of the sudden a white car with slightly tinted windows pulled up next to her, the young girl stopped out of instinct and looked at the car as the window rolled down to reveal a blonde man about the age of Irina. Kat knew that she should run, or at least keep walking but she couldn’t bring herself to, “Why hello there ma chérie” he said in a French accent. The girl, being French as well, knew that he said ‘my darling’ and froze slightly, staring at the car like a deer in headlights.
“I, um, uh, hi” Kat said nervously, reaching for the phone in her pocket and wrapping her hand around it without taking it out. The man in the car was about to speak again but stopped as they both looked as another man stepped up behind Kat but this one had fairly long white hair and dark brown eyes. “Hey Francis” the man greeted the blonde man lazily with a nod of the head, both hands in the front pockets of his jeans. Kat started backing up, fear in her eyes, when she noticed that the man called Francis had stepped out of the car and behind the girl, making it appear as if he was merely greeting his friend while also  blocking her escape-route. “What a coincidence meeting you here, Gilbert” the man said as the two of them smirked at each other, “I need to go” Kat squeaked softly, darting to the side where there was an opening but her arm was grabbed by the one named Gilbert. The girl let out a short, high-pitched, squeak of surprise and kicked out blindly, her leg connecting with the man’s shin, making him let of her arm. She tried to run again but Francis grabbed the backs of both her arms and pulled her against him so that her back was rested against his chest.
He had crossed her arms in an X-shape so that she couldn’t use him and ignored the petty kicks that she was unleashing. Gilbert, who was rubbing at his shin, glared at her and started walking closer “That was so, not awesome” he complained. Kat shivered slightly out fear as Francis pulled her closer against his chest “Let me go!” She cried out, tears forming in her eyes as she tried to twist out of his grip but to no avail “I’m only fourteen!” Of course, Kat should’ve known that this wouldn’t of mattered considering that she looked about twelve “So?” Gilbert said shrugging with a smirk as Francis held both of her wrists in one hand as the other crept up her side.
Kat’s eyes widened as tears began to drip down her cheeks and she tried to struggle more but the man’s grip was too strong. The girl was about to give up and admit defeat when she heard a man’s voice call out “Hey!” Looking up she saw Felicia’s uncle, Antonio, walking up to them after walking out of his house. Immediately, Francis let go of Kat, who was caught by Antonio after stumbling and almost falling, “What did I tell you about doing this?” He scolded as Kat hid behind him slightly. Antonio was about the same age as the other men but he was often there whenever she went over to Felicia’s house and she knew that he hung out with the girl’s brother a lot but Kat never knew where he lived before.
Francis opened his mouth to say something, most likely an excuse, but was cut off by Kat’s phone starting to ring “Oh, sorry” she said, uncharacteristically softly as she answered her phone, clinging tightly to Antonio’s side for safety. “Kat?” She heard Anna’s voice say “Why’d you hang up on me earlier?” Kat let out a sigh of relief as the three men watched her “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean too. Can you come pick me up?” The young girl asked in a rush “Yeah sure, where are you?” She looked up at Antonio and took the phone away from her mouth “What street is this?” She asked, going back to talking softly “Terrance Street” her replied, rubbing the girl’s hair, sensing that she was nervous around his friends who were still watching her lazily.
“I’m on Terrance Street” Kat told Anna in a hurry
“Oh, wow, I’m sorry but that’s like two hours away from my house, my mom would never let me go”
“Really? Can you ask her”
“Sure” there was a pause “She said no, unless she comes too”
“She can’t come!” Kat shouted, closing the phone on her friend again out of anger.
Gilbert looked at the teen with a grin “You need a ride?” He asked, causing Francis to snicker and Kat to glare at the both of them. Antonio ignored his friends and looked down at Kat “I don’t have my car right now, but you can stay at my house until you can get someone to pick you up or something” he suggested but Kat sighed.
“I need to get home now” she said, emphasizing the word ‘Now’, she knew that her mom would start worrying if she was gone any longer. “Well, I happen to have a mode of transportation” Francis suggested, gesturing to his car, Kat tensed before sighing “Okay” she said hesitantly “But only if he comes with me!” Kat clung onto Antonio’s arm. “Of course!” The man said, removing his arm from her grip and wrapping it around her, walking her to the car and letting her in the back-seat while he got into the passenger seat and Francis walked around the front of the car to get into the driver’s seat. “What, Antonio!” Kat called, panicking as Gilbert got into the back next to her “What?” He asked obliviously as Kat quickly moved out of the middle-seat and to the one next to the window, surprised when Gilbert didn’t switch to move next to her. “Oh, it’s fine” Antonio said, realizing that Kat was scared to be in the back with his friend.
The majority of the car-ride was silent until Gilbert, who was slouching and looking out the window, jumped up “Wait! Pull over right here” Gilbert hopped out of the car and ran into the pet-store, the three left in the car stared after him in confusion “Gilbert has a pet?” Antonio asked but Francis just shrugged and leaned back in his seat, causing Kat to pull her legs up to her chest, not wanting to be close to the man. While they were waiting for him to return, Kat took out her cell-phone and texted her mother, asking if she could sleep over at Irina’s, normally her mother wouldn’t allow it but since Irina was an adult she was fine with it. Next Kat texted Irina to make sure it was okay with her and the adult was more than happy to let the young girl to sleep-over.

The End

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