Fantasy vs Reality

She was there, lingering in the doorway, smiling with a cheeky expression on her face.

"Come in," James beckoned, "I was just thinking about you."

She giggled, throwing her head back.

"Oh James, I was hoping you were. Your little speech has been playing on my mind."
 She winked flirtatiously, and stepped into the room. James noticed she was dressed in a robe.

"You have so much talent, James. I love a man who can woo me in another language. Especially the one I teach!" Miss Adams spoke softly, in German.

"It really turns me on."

She strutted to the bed, her bust and hair bouncing. She found James' lap, straddled him and then began kissing his neck. Soon the robe was off and James could hardly think.

"Miss Adams..." he began

"Please, call me Karina." She pushed him down and their bodies intertwined.

The whole thing was so intense, so pornographic, so false...

Before he knew it, James was awakened by the door bursting open.

It was his Mum, washing basket in arms, who greeted him.

"James, what have I told you about putting your rolled-up socks to the wash?! It's not my job to unroll these crusty things!" She shrieked, flinging the aforementioned socks into his face.

"Mum, calm down! It's gone 11." He unravelled the socks carefully and threw them back in the basket. "Why are you doing housework at this time of night anyway?"

"Oh God, don't you remember anything I tell you, James?!" I've been made a governer of your school this year. My own bloody fault for helping out at all your sports days. Anyway, the long and the short of it is I have to host a little gathering for all the staff tomorrow. And your cheesy socks aren't going to ruin it for me!"

"Mum, you can't be serious..." James was mortified. The teacher he had not only confessed he fancied, but now had also had intensely sexual dreams about was going to be in his house!

James knew what he had to do.

The End

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