What James Did

Just a little thing for fun, I am entrusting my beautiful, heart-warming story to the hands of WackyWeasel. Take good care of it, this took a whole twenty minutes!

James sat there in his room, his phone buzzing endlessly. Messages kept pouring in; he wondered if it would ever end. What did he just do? How could he be so stupid? 

Half an hour had passed and the buzzing stopped. Getting up from his bed, he saw the sky darkening outside. He had rarely been this worried in his life before. Tomorrow's school day was sure to be a complete disaster. Sure, he'd gain some new-found friends, but it really wasn't worth it. 

"I really like you..." the words echoed inside his head. What on Earth possessed him to do it? 

"I know it's not really... something that happens, but I can't help thinking..." Maybe he was just dreaming. Tomorrow, this would all just fade away into the distance and forever be confined to his imagination.

But the truth is: It happened. He asked her out. Miss Adams. At least he never meant to do it, perhaps he could pass it all off as a misunderstanding. Four hours ago, sitting in the German classroom, he recited a perfectly worded speech - sure to capture her heart, there was no way she'd say no...

Then, the door opened. It took an eternity to creep forward, yet happened in an instant. Somebody had heard him talking, none other than the very person he was talking about.

To be continued.......

The End

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