Asking Why?

    “Now, what issue do you want to write about Zach?”
    “Hmm,” he hummed while he sat on my bed, “how about what happens in the bedroom?”

“How is that...?” I started to ask how that was an issue when I realized what he was trying to do.

“So, is this how you wrap in your girls?”
“Maybe...” He smiled, “why? Is it working?”

“I tired.”


It's not that he isn't good looking...he's not what I want. I don't get butterflies by him...i don't want on him...i don't even want to kiss him.

Shaking my head I write down a suggestion and than tell him to leave.


“I'm tired...and your not my type.” I tell him as we are by my front door.

“Why?” He basically whines, standing on my porch.

Suffocating under the silence I step closer to him, “Because I’m into girls.”

His face flew up like fireworks when he heard that. He couldn't stop smiling, “Really?”
“Ya.” I shake my head up and down.

“Wow. I'm going to do but....tomorrow where going girl shopping.”

“Okay bye.”

I shut the door, but I say no in my head. I know who I want, I just need to work for you her.


I remember when I was 10 years old. I wanted to go on a bike ride with my mom when she got home from work. I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for her to come...she didn't. She called me and told me she was hung up at work and couldn't take me on a bike ride. I was so disappointed. I was all dressed and padded up to go. I was ready..but NO...she had to work. I found out later that she was at dinner with another guy. I found this out when my parents got divorced, they fought about where she was when I needed her. I asked that my whole entire life without her..until now, because I found out that I have to stop waiting for an explanation to why I wasn't good enough for her?


The next day I couldn't keep my eyes of Loren and Zach couldn't keep his mind off me. He kept passing notes that was basically harassment but I didn't care. At least he accepted me for me. As for Loren, I couldn't talk to her. I talked to her once and that was do to the fact that she was lost in the discussions and asked for my help. I should have took this as a green light to talk to her, but I didn't. I when with the red light and didn't talk to her. Loren's face got pouty after I told her what we were talking about and didn't talk to her more. I waited though for her to say a word, but she didn't. She sat there pretending to be involved when I knew she was bored...but I was scared.

“So,” Zach smiled as he caught up with me as I walked home, “girl shopping?”


“Because I found someone already?”



“Wait,” he groaned, stopping me, “the new girl?”

What was with him? I rolled my eyes as we stopped outside my house. Looking at a pink rose grow from the ground, the plant I grew last year, the seed my mom mailed to me. I wanted to chop it down and mail it to her.

“The new girl,” Zach spoke, getting my attention back on him, “is straight as a ruler?”

“Rulers bend.”

“Ya, but I saw her talking to Tyler?”

“So she is straight as a not-bendable-ruler.”

“Your wrong!” I whine, stuffing my hands in my pockets, wishing he would leave. Wishing to have all the answers. I watch the leaves fall silently...making jokes as they crunch. Silence grows as i frown at him to leave.

“Fine,” Zach smiled walking away from me, a part of me hoped he would fall and crack his head open, “figure it out later?”
I rolled my eyes, walking into my house. Mumbling to myself as I race up stairs. I had to find out what she was...


Or lesbian?

Or in between?


The End

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