What I've Learned

THis is about annabel who wants to find about fairytales..love...hate...and lies. But she wants to know how to start a fairytale...she knows how to end them. She is also bi...


                                                  Chapter 1

                                                          (Happily Ever After)

I know how to stop a fairytale...but how do you start a fairytale?

I thought about this for a while while I zoned out in English 11...fairy-tales. I know they don't exist. I thought they did, but I found out how dirty the world is...how there is no such thing as a “happily ever after.” Sorry if I popped anyone’s bubble...but I am here to tell you...THERE IS NO HAPPY EVER AFTER. NONE.


“Issues people,” Mr. Dralun started his lecture about how issues makes a great story, “are the key to wrap people in your story. Now...wait til I am done talking to groan.”

He stops and looks around the room to make sure we understand, “You are to write......a seven page paper, front and back, with that story that involves a lot of issues. It is do in two weeks...now you kids can groan.”

And we all groaned...well they did...i didn't. I actually like to write papers which makes me his star student.


I look over my shoulder to see Zach smiling at me, his charming smile when he needs my help.

“Let me guess,” I laugh turning around to look at him, “you need help on writing your paper?”

“You see, your so smart and I’m so dumb. I need your help.”

“Nope...you should try to write a paper by yourself.”


Looking both ways to see that the teacher isn't paying attention to us, he walks over to me and whispers in my ear as his hands slide down my arms, almost making me moan, “Pleas Annabel....I’ll be your slave for awhile?”
Temptation is pulling me in and taking me in. Far past gone I nod my head and wait for this feeling to pass.

Zach whispers closer to my ear, “If you need to release some of what your feeling we could also...work on that while we write my paper?”

Mr. Dralun yells, “Zach STOP harassing Annabel.”

“Sorry sure, I can't help it.”

Shaking my head I was about to start a story when the door opens and in walks our principal and a new girl. I scope her out. She has 3 inches past her shoulder length brown hair, green and blueish eyes, big boobs, great thighs, and the perfect body. She isn't fat....she isn't skinny...she's perfect. I don't like girls that have no meat on them. Anyways, she has black glasses and is wearing a Green Day shirt.

“Mr. Dralun this is Loren she just moved from Milwaukee.”

“Hello Loren from Milwaukee, you can take a seat next to Annabel.”

My face heats up as I watch her walk towards me.

“Um,” she smiles, “what seat do I sit in. He wasn't specific.”

“Um,” I point to the left desk next to me, “this one.”


“Annabel.” Zach whispers.


I turn to look at him but he licks his lips, “Can I come over today after school?”


I turn to Loren but she is reading a book.

I start to write issues:


Death of family member



Not fitting in


The End

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