What I've Become: Love at lastMature


This Chapter contains sexual content, so reader discretion is advised. I have put double asterisks (**) surrounding the sexual spots so that you may skip ahead if you don't want to read those parts. So without further adieu, here it is.


Jason adapted to his new form quite easily in the weeks following his transformation. We spent the first few weeks teaching him how to change between his human and dragon forms. It was a bit more difficult for him because he was unconscious when he first shifted and therefore had no certain emotion to draw on.

He could hunt just as good as Amethyst but he used a spear instead of his teeth. Because of him taking only an anthropomorphic form, he was significantly smaller than the rest of us, only about 7 feet tall. We didn't know if he had the ability to take on a feral form or not. He was very quiet, so much so that none of us could hear him. So, we thought it fitting to rename him Shadow (also due in part of his pitch-black scales). He was quite the master of any equipment given to him thanks to his Marine training. He even used some of his knowledge from the Marines to modify our armor so that it was lighter and more protective.

I had mastered my shifting abilities and no longer needed an emotion to access it and I had also began to be able to cross my forms more efficiently to create an anthropomorphic form. In such a form, I stood at about the same hieght as Shadow.
I was out for a morning flight one day. It felt so good to be up in the air. Freedom, sweet freedom. I saw something move quickly on the ground below me. It was huge, bigger than any native animal that lived in the northern part of the United States. I caught its scent. Whatever it was, the smell was unique so it wouldn't be hard to find again later. I banked left and headed back to the cave. I needed to tell the others.
I arrived just in time to see my younger sister beat Shadow in a sparring match. "Bravo, Alyssa!" I said. She just looked at me with a big grin on her face.
"Shadow, where's Rakk and Amethyst?" I asked the black scaled hybrid.
"They're in the cavern." He replied. "Why do you ask?"
"I saw something while out on my morning flight." I explained. "Something big."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, very sure."

I found the two ice dragons in their sleeping chamber nuzzling each other. From what it looked like, I would have said the two were preparing to mate. They had tried to mate many times before but had not been able to produce eggs. That fact weighed heavily on the both of them. I felt for them, I was the last surviving male of my family. If I never found a mate, my bloodline would die out, be swallowed up by time, and be forgotten.

I cleared my throat, causing the dragons to stop what they were doing.

"What Talon?" Rakk demanded. "Can't you see that you are interrupting something important? Heats don't come arround too often."

"Sorry Rakk," I said. "But I came across something that you might want to know about."

Before long, we were flying above the location where I had found my discovery.
"I don't see anything Talon." Rakk said.
"It was around here somewhere." I assured him, "It couldn't have gone-." There was the scent, clear as could be. "Do you smell that?" I asked.
"Come on, follow me!" I went into a nose dive.
"Hey!" Shadow said, "You have passengers, remember?."
"Sorry." I said, correcting the angle of my decent. Once we landed, Shadow got off and helped my sister down. "Alyssa," I said, "Stay here. I don't want you to be put at unnecessary risk."
"You got it." My sister said.
"Amethyst," I turned to the ice blue dragoness. "Stay near my sister. Shadow, scout ahead and see if you can pick up its trail." I never knew why it was so easy for me to give commands to people, I never thought that I could posses leadership skills yet everyone followed my commands without question. Before long, Shadow picked up the trail and we were off.
We had been following the trail for what seemed like hours. If I didn't know better, I would've sworn that we were going in circles. Just then, I heard the snap of a twig behind me.
"Guys," I warned, "There's something behind-." *Wham!* I was tackled from behind and hit a tree. I turned over just in time to see a gigantic set of claws an inch from my eyes. The set belonged to a dragon. The owner of the claws began speaking in a tongue that I couldn't understand.
"Kii jahen wux wiilirkir ve? Svaust re wux!? Renthisj!" The dragon said. Judging by the deep, booming voice, it was a male.
"Guys, get him off of me!" I screamed.
As my friends moved towards him, the enraged male looked at them while holding my neck in a vice-like grip. "Clax karifilt gewjiwa vur si geou svent jacion!"
Then I heard another voice, this one sounded sweeter; more feminine. "Pok, Mictian! Astahii re de wer Plisargtiwaph!"
They began what I assume was an argument of some sort.
"Re wux jaunus?"
"Axun, jaka origato jacion gethrisj."
"Alevia, sia itov." The male released me and let me catch my breath.
"I am terribly sorry," the male said in English, "But we've had a few too many encounters with people who wanted to harm us lately. My name is Mictian, and this is my mate, Arohk.
"Sorry we followed you." I said holding my throat. "My name is Talon, that's Rakk, and that's Shadow." I said as I pointed to each of my respective companions.
"Don't worry about it." Arohk said. "It's nice to meet you."
"We have been very cautious ourselves ever since we were attacked by some shady government organization." I explained.
The female's eyes grew wide. "Come with us." she demanded. "You are going to need a safe place to hide."
"Okay," I said. "But I have to get my sister."
"Your sister?" She asked.
"Yes, she's the only one of my family that's still alive."
"Very well." she said, "We will accompany you."
When we returned to where we left my sister, we found her fast asleep with Amethyst curled around her. The scent of our new "friends" made the large dragoness stir and growl at the intruders.
"It's okay my love." Rakk said. "They have offered us a safe place to stay."
"It's not them." she said. "Someone else is here."
"We need to get out of here." Rakk suggested.
That night, sitting on my rump near a fire that Arohk had made, I suddenly detected the scent of humans. I could feel their presence all around me.
A small dart poked me in the side of the neck. I pulled the thing out from between my scales and noticed that the dart was in fact a tranquilizer.
"What the he-." I collapsed and everything went dark.
I woke up and found myself hog tied, muzzle tied shut, and my body strapped to a rather large tree. It was dark and a full moon was high in the sky.
"Just wait until we tell Commander Richardson that we caught this dragon." A voice said.
"I know," said another with an excited tone. "We are definitely going to get huge promotions for this."
They were obviously two of the people that had captured me. I wanted to untie myself, but I smelled more of the soldiers nearby. Even if I could free myself, I was still too weak from the tranquilizer dart to defend myself. It would be nothing short of suicide.
Then a new scent filled the air. Not the disgusting scent given off by the humans, but that of a dragon. The scent was slightly sweeter, a female.
I heard the crunching of leaves behind me. Something was coming toward me and it was big! I closed my eyes, for the first time in a long while, I was scared. Whatever the large creature was, it was directly behind the tree. I wanted to think that the creature was the dragoness that I had smelled; as the scent was stronger but at that point, given my luck, it could have been anything.
The next thing I knew, the scent was gone. I began to wonder where it went but my thoughts were broken however, when a pair of clawed forelegs shot out of the bushes and grabbed both of the soldiers that were guarding me. The men dropped their weapons to the ground. One of the guns hit the ground just right and the shock caused the weapon to discharge.
The other soldiers heard the firearm go off and were on top of the dragoness within a matter of seconds. The reinforcement, however, was futile as she swiftly dispatched them and devoured the last one in a couple of bites as he kicked and screamed. Then, she looked at me, allowing me to take in her beauty.
The dragoness before me had a truely unique hide. Along her back and underbelly, was blue fur. But her sides and arms were not covered in the hair and allowed the green scales underneath to show. A pair of white fangs protruded from within the top of her mouth. Atop her skull were two medium sized gold horns. A set of equally gilded dorsal spikes ran down the center of her back. At the end of her tail was a tuft of feathers. Capping each toe of her powerful feet were sharp, golden claws. Her wings were a definite attention grabber. The wing arms themselves were covered in only her green scales but the membranes were covered in blue feathers that shimmered in the moonlight. Her eyes, oh those eyes! Even to this day, I am still drawn to them. They were jade green, just like her scales. Everything on her was gorgeous.

"Are you hurt?" The female asked with a hint of concern in her voice.
"No," I replied, "just a little tied up at the moment."
"Here, allow me." She said as she moved close to my bonds. A few seconds later, I was untied.
"Thanks." I said
"There is no need to thank me." she said. "However, I do need a place to stay. The humans are trying to hunt me down. Perhaps we should stick together as there is strength in numbers. It seems as though they are hunting you too."
"That's a great idea!" I said. "I am staying in a cave with a few good friends. I'm staying there until I find my own lair."
"I shall follow you." The dragoness stated.
"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." I said. "My name is Talon."
"I'm Moonfire." the dragoness replied.

"I would like to rest for the night though." I said. "I am still weak from the tranquilizer."

"Okay." Moonfire said. "We will rest, but we should leave at dawn."

I laid down and made myself comfortable. As I drifted off to sleep, I was vaguely aware of Moonfire huddling up to me. I felt my loins stir slightly, but I ignored it. This was the closest I had ever gotten to a female that wasn't from my own family.
It took three weeks to get back to Arohk and Mictian's cave. Yes, I got lost, it happens quite often when you're knocked out and taken somewhere unfamiliar.
When I landed with Moonfire, I was greeted by my sister. The look on her face told me that she had been worried.
"Who is that? Arohk said from behind me.
"This is Moonfire. I answered. "She saved my life. She needs a place to stay."

"Okay," Arohk said. "But you all should leave in month's time."

Over the next month, Arohk and Mictian taught my friends and I the ancient language of our race: Draconic. At first it was very difficult to grasp, but as time went on, we picked it up very quickly. I learned that my name was really Vrelvel, Talon was the human translation. Rakk and I were part of the same clan. It was called "Plisargiwaph" or "Master Guardian of Life." Clans were made up of two or more families, for the Plisargiwaph clan it was mine and Rakk's families, Vurixen and Vurxarith. Moonfire already knew her real draconic name, it was Welunix. To me, it was a very beautiful name.

It was finally time for my friends and I to move on. I had found a nice system of caverns in a lush valley where Moonfire and I could live.

It was decided that Shadow would take care of my sister for me, as he was much closer to a human being than I was. Secretly though, it was mostly because I had started to develop strong feelings for Moonfire. She was a very attractive female in my eyes. My friends and I said our goodbyes to each other and went our separate ways.
Once Moonfire and I had settled into the cavern, I went hunting and brought back three deer. I did catch four, but I ate one on the way back home.

After our dinner, I started a fire and we sat and talked for a while. I was amazed at how much we had in common (I'm not getting into details on that as I don't want to kill you from boredom caused by such a long list). In the days that followed, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her.

After a week, I had a strange dream:


It was my sister. She was probably around 18 years old and she was pregnant. She looked at me and smiled. Then everything changed. She was covering two small, scaly forms. Upon further inspection, I saw that the forms were two young dragons. Their faces bore the likenesses of both Moonfire and I. A sense of pride crept into me until I watched my sister fall over onto her side. She was not moving save for the movement caused by her shallow breathing. I was in my feral form and ran over to her. I used my muzzle to flip her onto her back and saw the exit wound of a bullet above her left breast. With a bloodied hand, she reached up and touched my cheek before her entire body fell limp. My sister, the one that I swore to protect with my life when she was born, died right in front of me.


I woke up from my nightmare with a start. The sun was beginning to rise. Moonfire heard my heavy panting and was already stirring. "What's wrong, Vrelvel?" She asked.

"Nothing." I replied. "Just a weird dream that I had."


By midday, I had thought of a few things to ask her. I was in love with her and wanted to know more about her. Seizing the opportunity, I asked. "Welunix, what lies in the past of such a stunning and beautiful dragoness?"
    "Oh, It's nothing really." She replied with a giggle. "I hatched from an egg about 19 years ago. My parents were killed when I was only three. From that day forward, I devoted my entire life to hunting down and kiling the humans responsible. Oh, how I could kill! I tracked down every one of them. I made them pay! I was hunting the last one, Commander Richardson, when I found you." She started to cry, "Vrelvel, I'm so sorry for dragging you into all this; the killing, my personal vendetta."

"No," I said wrapping a large, red wing around her. "Those humans are responsible, not you. I would do the same thing if I were in your position. Besides, If it weren't for your quest of revenge, I would have never met such a wonderful dragoness."

"What of you?" She asked with a sniff, "What is in your past?"

"Not much." I replied. "I was born as a human 20 years ago. When I was 16, an SUV almost hit my sister in Yellowstone National Park. It caused me to change into the dragon I am now. I saved her from the collision. Since then, I've been hunted and captured by the government, got a buddy of mine kicked out of the armed forces, have almost been killed on multiple occasions, and," I grined, "I met you." She giggled and was visibly blushing. Now came the most important question I would ever ask. I wanted Moonfire to be my mate. "Welunix, can I ask you something very important?"

"What is it?" she asked.

"Well," I began. "I've fallen in love with you. I am the last male of my family. I want to know, when the time comes, would you have me as your mate?"

She licked at one of my facial spikes, an obvious hint to her answer. "Of course, I've fallen for you too and I'd be honored to be your mate."

"You would?" The answer caught me off guard. Normally, when I was still human, women were repulsed if I even asked them to be my friend. "I mean, that's great!"

We moved closer together and our mouths met in an awkward "kiss." Our tongues twirled around each other as we tasted each other. She tasted almost like smoked hickory. The sensation was great but like all good things, it eventually came to an end.

"I love you, Vrelvel." She said.

"I love you too, Welunix." I said in return. It was dusk by this time so we curled around each other and fell asleep.

A few days later, we were sitting together looking up at the limitless reaches of space. I noticed a scent in the air. I was unsure of it at first but I noticed the sweet smell of Moonfire mixed in with it. Every synapse of my brain fired with this new information: Moonfire was in heat! I instinctively edged closer to her. I could feel my own arousal manifesting itself in my male slit. I looked at her, she was so beautiful. She looked back at me and gave me a lustful lick on my muzzle. I nuzzled her and returned the favor. Sensing each other’s arousal, we went into our cave.

**She lowered her chest onto the ground and raised her rump high into the air, her tail was flagging. Seeing her expose herself to me made me lose all care in the world. My member began to slide out from its protective cavity between my hind legs. All I could think about was rutting this female before me.

My body took control of itself and I walked closer and closer to Moonfire's waiting sex. My cock was at full mast at about 48 inches long. My member was covered in pre-come and was leaking huge amounts of it as well, my musk made Moonfire go into a sexual overdrive. I wanted to breed her so badly.

"Take me, NOW!" She said with a strong tone of lustful need in her voice. She didn't even need to tell me that. My cock tip was already parting her nether lips as I mounted her, causing a needy whine to come from her. The spikes running the length of her back folded back so that they were streamlined with her body so as not to impale me on them. I put my front paws on her shoulders and put some of my weight onto her, My intrusion was met by some sort of barrier. I knew exactly what it was, Moonfire had never had a mate before. On instinct, I pulled back slightly before ramming my hips forward. The barrier gave way and Moonfire gave a yelp in both pain and pleasure as I broke her hymen and took her virginity. I hilted myself in her and we both just stayed there like that, enjoying the way our bodies were joined. She was so warm and her walls were pulsing with the need to milk me of my seed. The sheer amount of moisture in her cavity was amazing. I was lost in ecstasy. I wanted to stay like that forever but my body had different plans. I pulled back and began to push back into her slowly, our lubricating fluids mixed together and made a slow squishing sound as I slid into her again. I decided to pick up the pace. My vision started to cloud as I began to gain speed. She curled her tail around my left leg and started to buck against me, wanting as much of me inside of her as possible.

I clamped my jaws on the base of my mate's neck as I kept thrusting. I felt my knot beginning to form near the base of my cock, signaling that my high point was imminent.

My penis began to twitch and spasm violently as I climaxed and shot rope after rope of my seed into her vagina. She herself hadn't climaxed yet, her overdrive was holding her back. Her scent became overwhelming and caused me to keep thrusting harder and harder. I wasn't going to stop until she came. I was still firing my seed into her and I felt fatigued but the urge to make Moonfire climax kept me going. I somehow knew that I had to get my mate to reach her peak. As if life itself depended on it.

Finally, after what seemed like minutes (but was probably more like seconds), she came. She let out a loud roar as her walls clenched down upon my pulsing shaft. I let go of her neck and joined her roar with my own. I moved my paws down to her waist and with a single powerful thrust, shoved my entire length, knot included, into her passage. The head of my cock poked through her cervix as I kept unloading my semen into her unprotected egg chamber while my engorged knot locked it all in. My mate's sex milked my member for all it was worth. My seed had filled her past her capacity and I could feel her belly expand slightly as I continued to come in her and fill every inch of her breeding hole with my essence. I clamped my jaws back onto her neck, I had stopped my thrusts long ago as I was now tied with my mate, but my penis just kept unloading everything that I had. I was still coming hard with seemingly no end in sight but it actually didn't take long for me to finish. Moonfire's entire love canal was filled. My cock was swimming in its own fluid.

My body went limp and I put all of my weight onto Moonfire. We both fell onto our side. I started to rub her neck with my muzzle out of instinct and she moaned a little from the touch.

After what seemed like an eternity of just laying there, we fell asleep, my member was still inside of Moonfire's vent, occasionally twitching and sending small spurts of my life giving seed into her womb. I could tell that she liked the touch and felt safe.** It was at this moment that I realized exactly what I had. I found someone to care for and to have as my own; a mate. My family would continue on and I had a feeling that it would continue strongly for generations to come. It was a comforting thought as I drifted off into the void of sleep.


The morning came softly. I woke up before Moonfire. My member had retreated back into my slit during the night. There was a large puddle of my dried sperm near our groins from when my knot had stopped plugging it in. The smell of our mating was still ripe in the air from the previous night.

"Good morning, my love." I said to my mate.

Moonfire stirred and was instantly greeted by my warm embrace on her. "Mmmm... Good morning my handsome drake." she replied. "How was your sleep?"

"It was wonderful." I said.

"I thought so." She craned her neck to look at me; she was the most beautiful thing in the world to me and still is to this day. "I'm still needy. Would you like to go again?"

"Absolutely." I said with growing excitement. I was hooked on her, as if my heart was now one with her's. I could smell a change in her scent. It told me that I had impregnated her. My knot had done it's job in ensuring that my mate would become egg heavy. There wouldn't be any more sexual overdrives from her until after she laid her eggs but I didn't care. I had a mate and I loved her to no end.

**She rolled onto her back and spread her wings and legs. Her nether regions were wet with need yet again and she had a look of lust on her face. She wanted me, and I wanted her just as much if not more.

I began to purr softly as my cock became hard again. My erection made itself known to the world once more. I stepped closer to her until my cock was directly above her love hole. I then lowered my body down onto her and impaled her with my rock-hard shaft. She groaned and twisted in ecstasy as I stabbed her with my breeding pole. I was vaguely aware of our tails twisting around each other as I began to pound my mate harder and harder.

Moonfire screamed and clawed at the floor of the cave. She didn't come yet, but she was close and so was I. I growled, hummed, and purred with excitement. I could tell that she enjoyed my cock's ridges rubbing against her insides. I came and shot huge loads of my hot, sticky seed inside her. Feeling my semen fill her again made her come too. She roared an ear splitting roar as her vaginal muscles clenched down on my piece of meat and coated my lower body with her juices.

I collapsed onto her again and wrapped her in my wings as we came back down to Earth from our afterglow.**

"That was amazing!" She said, still panting.

"It was for me as well" I replied in gasping breaths. Holding each other belly to belly, we fell back asleep. I could feel as though I was now even closer and more one with Moonfire than when we had first mated the night before. The tug on my heart told me that I was to be with Moonfire the rest of my days. That was fine by me. I wanted to be with her forever and always.

I woke up an hour later and went out to hunt. I somehow knew instinctively that Moonfire would need extra food. I returned with three deer just for my mate. She devoured them all.


In the next three months that followed, I guarded Moonfire with my life as her belly began to swell with our clutch. Nothing was going to touch her without my permission. I also began to dig a small furrow and line it with nesting materials inside our cave. It was where Moonfire was to lay her eggs when the time came and also where they would reside during their incubation. During this time, I got the most enjoyment when I slept with Moonfire. At night, she would lay down first, not curling up very much due in part to her ever swelling belly. I would lay down next, pressing my belly into her back. I would put a foreleg under her while the paw on the other would gentley rub the swollen contours of my mate's belly. I'd occasionally whisper sweet words into her ear. Sometimes, I'd use my magic to heighten my senses. In this state of higher awareness, I could literally feel the new life forces of our yet to be laid eggs. It felt like a series of strong and vibrant pulses that would beat in rhythm. Other times, I got satisfaction simply from knowing that I held Moonfire's heart while at the same time, she held mine. It was a bond that would last forever more.

On the fourth month, Moonfire said a sentence that would cause the heart rate of any soon-to-be father to rise, "Vrelvel my love, the time has come." I was ecstatic, my mate was about lay our first clutch.

I was there through the entire thing. Moonfire squatted down with her rump just slightly above the bottom of the nest. She was producing an extremely thick liquid. It wasn't her normal vaginal fluid, it was something to help her lay the eggs more easily. I watched the first egg slowly expose itself to the world. It slid gently out of her and into the nest. I could see the discomfort on her face and heard her groans of discomfort as she unveild her eggs. Each one stretched her passage so far that I feared that it would tear and cause her harm. Thankfully, that fear never became a reality as she laid three large, beautiful eggs. She licked each one clean and fell asleep soon afterward, exhausted. She curled around them, protecting them with her body like any mother would do for her offspring. I, in turn licked and nuzzled her face afterward.

"I love you Welunix and am very proud of you." I whispered into her ear as I curled around her. "You did well." I fell asleep as well. I was proud to be the mate of Moonfire and the sire of her future hatchlings.

I awoke to the faint sounds of human voices. My acute hearing barely picked the sounds up. I looked at my lovely mate who was curled tightly around our clutch of three eggs.

"Welunix, my love," I said. "Wake up. Be ready to take the clutch and flee."

I opened a mental link to Rakk, telling him that something was wrong.

I Know. Amethyst and I will be there in a few minutes. Came the reply. I shifted into my humanoid form and summoned my armor and my swords. As soon as I reached the mouth of the cavern, a stun grenade dropped right at my feet. Before I could react, the grenade detonated and I was hit with a blinding white light and a an extremely loud ringing in my ears as my body fell heavily to the ground.

As my senses came back to me, I saw a soldier step up to me and smile an evil grin. I gave a loud, threatening growl. The man only smiled wider and motioned other men over to him. These men bound me quickly and the soldier who was giving the directions (who I made out to be the leader) spoke into a radio. "Commander Richardson, we've captured that dragon that you were looking for."

"Good work, Sergeant," Said a stern voice on the other end. "You've made your country proud." That voice seemed familiar.

The sound of gunfire could suddenly be heard in the distance. Rakk and Amethyst had arrived at last! The disturbance allowed me enough time to incinerate my bindings and begin to attack my captors. I was only able to take out a few enemies before an unseen force knocked me flat on my ass.

I was hit with a stunning realization: There was someone close by that had the ability to manipulate magic. What I found next made my heart stop. I saw the magic user and noticed that it was the same old, gray-haired man that had captured my friends and I nearly four years ago.

"It's over, you vile creature." Said the man. This man before me, Commander Richardson, was crazed. I had an uncontrollable rage growing inside me.

It was at this time that I felt the magic behind my mental barrier break through. I was immersed in a huge flow of raw power and blinded by another white light. I heard my father's voice in my head, The true power of your family is yours to wield. Use it wisely. I regained focus and saw that I was wearing a new set of armor. It was black with deep red markings and had some strange lettering on it. A thin sword had appeared in my right hand and at the hilt was a glowing crystal that had the same coloring as my new armor. An aura had also formed around me as I started my own attack. It wasn't long before I ditched my anthropomorphic form all together and shifted into my true draconian form. Rather than change with my body like my previous armor had, this set disappeared while the aura remained and grew stronger. If these humans thought that they could touch my mate or our clutch, I was determined to show them just how wrong they were. I called upon my fire and caught a large number of soldiers in a huge, brilliant blast of flame. They were vaporized and the heat was so intense that not even ashes remained.

Vrelvel, get out of here! We've got this! Rakk yelled with his mind.

I knew that this was neither the time nor the place to argue about it, so I left to find my mate. I don't know why, but for some reason, I let Richardson live.

My mate and I relocated to a cave in a secluded valley in Siberia. It was almost three weeks since we were attacked, and I had not heard from Rakk or Amethyst since then.
It began to rain outside and I went into our new nesting chamber to be with Moonfire and the eggs. But I felt a new presence; it was nearing the cave...

The End

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