John's Birthday

So sorry, I've skipped ahead in time because I am just dying for you to see the present I have for John. That sounds ironic. For you see, I am technically dead, but my occupation makes me feel so alive. Each of John's friends were slowly but surely arriving at the quaint cottage. The cottage sits in an old orchard, so there is no shortage of space for parties. And of course, for each of these parties, John gets a +1 so that I am able to attend.

While I do have a present in mind for John,  it is still not time for him to meet me. No, that time will come exactly three years from now, on the day that John Smith turns 18 years of age. So, friends and family were arriving, small groups at a time. The party was beginning to get into full swing. But I had other plans for John. I would still torment him, even on his birthday.

While John was socialising with his friends, I began to put my 'present' into place. Of course, the present was me, but John didn't know that. I sat. I waited. A good four hours I sat there. You people really do like a party, don't you? Anyway, after most of the guests had left, John and his friends decided to go for a walk. A BIG mistake on their part. For you see, I would separate them and leave John alone so that I could put my plan into action.

It was beginning to get late, and the sun was setting over the horizon. Now, I begin my plan and one by one, I 'convince' John's friends that it is time for them to go home. An hour passes by, and finally John is alone, in the woods. Ohh, I think I can feel my own little party coming on.

The End

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