More About Me....

Yes, yes. I know I have probably told you enough about myself in the first chapter. (I'm VERY Egotistical!) However, there are some crucial peices of information about me that I believe you ought to know. Firstly, I technically have no name. That is why I decided to call myself 'The Thing'. I find it adds to the sense of fear and mystery that surrounds me and my life. I've just realised.... I'm garbling on again, aren't I? You really need to tell me when I start to do that. Otherwise, this story will go nowhere. Now. Where was I? Ahh Yes......

I also believe that you would find it useful to know that I can be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Make what you want of that (and no, not in that way. You sick minded people out there), but it's true. This one fact alone means that I can do my job 10,000 times more efficiently than one of you average Human Beings. OOOPS!! Wasn't meant to say that. Well, I've let it slip now, so I may as well tell you. No. I am not Human and I am not of this world. I come from a World far away that is long since gone. I know, I know. It's obvious that you want to know more about where I come from. Well... you will just have to wait. I have a story to be getting on with.

John knew it was crazy that he was hearing things where-ever he went, but like I said earlier, he ALWAYS went to his Aunt if he was worried about something. This time was no different. With his Aunt there to talk to, John felt as though he were much safer. That my friends, is where he was terribly wrong. Yes, I am still keeping an eye on our young friend John Smith. After all, in order to torment young Mr John Smith  to the best of my ability, I must follow him everywhere he goes.

Even after his Aunt had told him stories of her travels, John still felt as though there was something unusual in the air. ( For the less smart people of you reading this, I was and still am that thing in the air.) Anyway, it was getting late and John decided he was going to bed. The one thing he didn't realise was that I was waiting for him. Do you remember when you were little, you always asked your parents to check under the bed and in the cupboard for monsters? What did your Parents always say? 'Don't be silly. There are no monsters.' Well you, just like all children, were not far wrong. I was ALWAYS either under your bed or hiding in the cupboard waiting to jump out and make you scream. However, there is one thing I have to say. HOW DARE you all call me a Monster?! I feel disappointed and hurt that everyone would call me that. So, now you all know, it would be much appreciated if you could always call me The Thing from now on. That is my name and I have no intention of changing it.

Now, with my Rant over, I shall continue with my story of torment for John Smith and all of you on this Tiny, Un-Important planet. (Call that getting even for calling me a Monster all those years ago.)

I was waiting for John on the landing of his Aunt's two floor country cottage. You see, I am able to achieve this because I am completely invisible to my victims, I mean clients, until I wish for them to see me. In this case, the time for John Smith to meet me was fast approaching. He just didn't know it yet. Well, he wouldn't. You see, for John Smith, it would be roughly three of your Earth Years before John gets to meet me....... Terribly Sorry! Us evil beings still need Coffee to stay awake as well you Know. How do you think Lord Voldemort managed to keep up the fight with Harry through all those books and films?! HMMM?!

I have just realised that I am rambling on........AGAIN!! What did I tell you earlier?! If I ramble on, you have to tell me?! Seriously, you can't get the Help these days!

John appeared on the landing of this delightful little house and my face lit up. For some reason, I felt as though something important was coming up. Now, what was it? Ah yes. It is to be John's 15th birthday in exactly one week. Oh the plans I already have brewing in my mind are unfathomable. To tell a man even a quater of these plans would simply drive him to insanity!


The End

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