What is the Thing?

This is like my first ever story so I hope you all ENJOY!!!!!!!

You never know what lurks just around the corner from you. As our young friend is about to find out.

Anyway, time to introduce my self. I am the thing. I am the thing you don't want to see, but you know I am there. I hide in the shadows and torment people for their entire lives. However, one thing is the same about me for each and every person. They have seen me, they all know I exist, but most of all, I am the thing they dread but I am also the thing they cannot stop thinking about. Now, enough about me. It's time to move on to the main character in my little web of torment.

It all began one calm summers afternoon, when a young boy named John Smith was laying in the grass by a gentle stream that ran through the nearby woods. This was nothing out of the ordinary for John as this is what he quite often did with his spare time. However, John's peace was soon interrupted when he heard something from behind him. He turned around with such speed his head jolted when it finally stopped moving. He was unable to make out quite what the sound was but he did know that it filled him with fright. "H-Hello? W-Who's there?" John questioned with a whisper. No answer. But that is what I do. I don't answer. I find it adds to the sense of fright. If you haven't already guessed it, then you must be thick as solid rock because it's obvious. Yes. That's right. It was me that John heard in the woods on that calm summers day. That was the day that I would begin to torment John For the rest of his life.

Anyway, lets jump ahead in time a bit, shall we? Well, we're only going to the following morning, but still! John woke from his slumber. However, to call it a slumber would be a farce. Slumbers are usually calm and Peaceful. John's 'Slumber' was far from calm and peaceful. In Fact, he was actually having multiple nightmares pretty much at the same time. In case you haven't already guessed it, yes those nightares were about me. Now, back to the story. John went downstairs. Nothing unusual about that. He had his breakfast and did what any other teenage boy does in a morning. (I will NOT go into detail.) He had arranged to meet up with one of his friends, as it was a Saturday. Mind you, I had a completly different idea of what John Smith should be doing with his Saturdays.

John and his friend went walking by the stream. You remember. The one I told you about earlier. Anyway, getting off track again here. A noise came from the bushes. "There it is again" John said with apprehension. "There's what again?" John's friend asked having no clue what John was on about. "Seriously! You didn't hear anything? It was loud enough." John was alsmost shouting now. "Mate, there was no sound and there is nothing there. You need to get your hearing checked out." John's friend replied. Now, before we continue, I would just like to clarify, John's friend has no name so that is why we are calling hin John's friend. O.K! Now, where was I. Oh Yes. John and his friend continued walking and talking. Talking and walking. John's friend was talking about some type of sport or another (I don't really care much for sport) but John was still to freaked by the noise he heard earlier. The one thing he didn't know, is that he would hear that noise at the same time everyday, no matter where he was, for the rest of his life. That's not the only thing though. There is something particularly special about John Smith. However, we will find out about the rest of John's life when we come to it.

The day passed by almost as quickly as it had begun. For John, this was a good thing because he would get away from the noises he was hearing. Until tomorrow! It also means, however, that my day of torment aimed at John Smith, was over for another day. I can now sense that I am truly beginning to scare and soon enough horrify the young Mr John Smith. I will also soon begin to terrify the People John lives with. His Aunt Amy and Uncle Rory.

His Aunt would often tell him the stories of her travels with the 'Raggedy Doctor' when he was younger. Somehow, they always managed to calm him down. These stories would no longer work for John. He was extremely close to his Aunt. He would always go straight to her if he had a problem or was worried about something. He would never go to his Uncle, his Friends or his Teachers. Yes. That's right. You've guessed it. I have been watching our young John Smith for a while. You may be asking yourself 'why has he waited so long to begin the torment?' Do you want to know? Well TOUGH!! I am NOT telling! Read on and you may find out more about myself and Mr John Smith....

The End

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