Tortilla the Terrible!

“We must find my veggie brethren,” cried the enormous root.  “And together, we can take on Tortilla the Terrible.  We must bring him and his army of grain-foods to bay.”

So Mr. Carrot and I travelled for many days to reach Greens Valley.  Here, we would garner support from Colonel Kale and his leafy relations.

Upon our arrival the colonel sent word for his company to assemble all the spinaches, lettuces, cabbages, kales and mustards for deployment orders.

“Listen up men, Tortilla has declared war.  We must stop the advance of excessive carbs and starches.”

“Sergeant Spinach will ride to the Tomato Mountains and enlist the aid of the Beefsteak Brigade.  Corporal Cabbage is on his way to Pepper Plateau to bring back the Cayenne Contingent.  They will meet in the middle to conscript all herbs and produce.”

“The rest of us will hold the line against grainy gains.  Friends, romaines, countrymen; it is time to trounce Tortilla the Terrible’s terrifying tyranny."

The End

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