What is our Friendship?

I wrote this for my friend for graduation! Let me know what you think!

What is our Friendship?

What is our friendship, you may ask,

Well summing it up is no simple task!

But have no  fear I've got it figured out,

I'll tell you what our friendship is all about.


Our Friendship looks like crazy hair,

And walking around like we just don't care.

It has tons of wacky photo days,

Followed by some baseball games.

If you think that's all, don't fret,

I've barely even started yet!


Our Friendship smells like apple pie,

and hanging out on the 4th of July.

Its got plenty of spontaneous quarter days,

Created by your very own Maize!

And without you, who would I dance with?

Or have a crazy Bromance with?

Our Friendship is about making faces in the most public places,

and running around like sharks on land

(when really the fin is only our hand)

My friend what am I gonna do, 

Off at college without you?

Our friendship sounds like your iPod, 

cranked up loud with the top down. 

Going to get all dressed up,

for dances that only play POP!

So my friend don't you see?

Our friendship is sweet like tea. 

Made up with all the things we did,

I wouldn't change anything kid!

So now you know and don't you doubt,

What our Friendship is all about!

(we out.)

The End

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