What Is Love?

This isn't all of it. Its not even the full part of Chapter one. Its just the start of it.

What Is Love?

Love is natural.

Love is hate.

You love others.

You hate others.

It’s a feeling you get when someone buys you presents for no reason.

When they promise to be with you till you die.

You feel as if it’s perfect

but then it turns to hell.

You wonder what you did wrong.

Wish you could go back in time.

You blame yourself, knowing what could have changed.

You do everything to get him back.

Even though you know you can’t.

He moves on.

You hang on.

Knowing you have to let go.

When all you want to do is die.






Chapter 1

“These are for you.” Carson said, smiling

          “Carson, they’re beautiful.” I said as I stared at the two dozen red roses.

          “Happy two year anniversary.”  Carson replied, leaning down and kissing me.

          I kissed him back. The feel of his lips against mine. Soft. Warm.

          He pulled away “And tonight I have reservations for us at Atelier.”

          “Carson. The most expensive restaurant in town.”

          He smiled “You know how I do.”

          I laughed “You’re perfect.”

          He smiled and pulled her into a hug “I love you.”


          Carson picked me up at about 7 o’clock.

          “After you.” Carson said stepping aside, letting me walk in first.

          “Hello. I’m Jimmy and I’ll be you server for the night. Can I have you name please?”

          “Waters. Carson Waters.”

          “Okay. Right this way please.”

          Carson grabbed my hand and we followed Jimmy to our table.

          “Here you go. Is this fine?” Jimmy asked

          “It’s perfect.” I said “Thanks.”

          “Your welcome.” Jimmy replied

          “What are you getting?” I asked.

          “I’m thinking the steak.” He said with a smile

          “Yummy, but I’m going with the salmon.”

          “Have you decided on what you will be having this evening?” Jimmy asked

          “Yes. I’ll have the steak. Medium.”

          “And for you Miss.?”

          “The salmon. Please”

          “Okay it’ll be about 15 minutes.” Jimmy said, grabbing the menus


          I looked around the restaurant, very beautiful. I’ve been here once before but that was with my mother, when I was 10, and she was still a part of my life.

          My mom left me and my dad when I was 11. I never knew the real reason, why she left. But I’m pretty sure it had to do with Liv, the wicked witch of the west. Her and my dad had a thing going on, and soon my mom found out, and that’s where it all went downhill.

          I don’t understand why she left, without taking me. I never did anything wrong. And trust me I’d rather be where ever she is, then living here with Evil Liv and my dad.


          “Gorgeous night. Isn’t it?” Carson asked

          I snapped back to reality. “Yea. It is.” I replied with a smile

          “What’s wrong?” He asked with a concern look on his face

          “Nothing.” I replied in a simple short answer

          Carson reached over and grabbed my hand, and held it in his. “Yes, there is. I know when you’re upset.”

          “It’s nothing really, just thinking about my mother.”


          Carson knew about my mother, but it was never a topic that we talked about all the time. When we first met I told him everything, and then after that nothing was said anymore. He knew not to bring her up, but sometimes I liked to talk about her, and when those times came he was there to listen.


          “Do you want to talk about her?” Carson asked, cautiously

          “No. Let’s not ruin this night.” I said, and then I brought a smile upon my face.

          “We have the delicious salmon.” Jimmy said setting the plate in front of me.

          “And the steak. Medium cooked”

          “Thank you.” I said, before I picked up my fork and taking a small bite

          “Thanks” Carson said


          Jimmy nodded in a polite manner, and turned too walked back into the kitchen.



          “That was wonderful. Thanks” I said, to Carson as we walked out to the car.

          “Anything for you.” He said with a smile

          I smiled at him. “I love you” I said with a smile

          “I love you too.” Carson replied, opening my door for me

I slid into the seat. Carson closing the door behind me.

“Where too now.” I asked as Carson got into the driver’s seat

“Well I was thinking your favorite place.” He said, looking over at me with a smile.

I smiled back at him.


20 minutes later we pulled up to the beach. My favorite place. Ever since I was little I came here to get away. Get away from anything. Night and Day, it was beautiful.


The End

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