And now, he only saw them as the man and woman. They were the only ones who entered the apartment- He and his mother's apartment- His sanctuary and torture chamber in one. Surrounded by the person he loved the most and the memories; however, running from them all the same between an opium haze and acid trips. Running from all that Vincent and Karin had done in these rooms, running from all the love that had been shared of his mother. Running deeper and deeper in the void he was creating in his head- opium clearing paths. But liek alabrynth, all paths lead to the center and eventually his opium lead paths would all ways lead back to the center- reality, the apartment, and the memories.

Vincent and Kathrin seemed to hardly care because no matter what Satoru was never able to run into a haze far enough. There was no true reason why Satoru was chosen, sure he was pretty though not girly, but over all plain. Other than the long red main of hair, a face mixed of Asian and Caucasian with cream skin. Utterly devoted and innocent, originally was what attracted Kathrin although even now they could probably throw the kid in an alley to rot... No one would really notice, no one was around to care.

"Enjoy this haze, it is the last," the woman murmured, against a flushed cheek. Laid over the thin form his clothes in disarray and erection brought by the pill she had slipped between his lips. The opium and natural preference made it impossible for him to be anything less than aroused naturally to the cruel beauty.

Espresso eyes stared at the crease where the cushion had been placed against the strong edge of the couch. Long fingers digging into the couch causing a soft chuckle from Kathrin seeing somewhat of the old desperate reactions even though the boy was drugged. Rising off of the frail body, lighting her own cigarette.

She was sure Vincent would hardly care whether the boy was on or off as long as he was around when the mood came. Though they originally introduced the drug more so as a control after the mother had died to keep the boy from either committing suicide or running away, now without something there tying him to them.

Which giving the grief stricken boy opium seemed to keep him nice and for the most part not so weepy.

Though not all their humanity had dissipated, or so they thought when they kept up the tab for Renting the apartment and funeral arrangements. Kathrin or Vincent usually came to make sure he was still alive and get what ever they wanted at the time, though he seemed to bath and take care of basic needs between stuppers other than eating... Which was a growing problem considering she had been leaving bruises- not that she truly minded- but these were unintentional and she was growing 'worried' of the kid starving himself.

Leaving a drug head to die in the gutter would be a tragedy to find a boy whose mother had passed and had fallen into depression would not be too surprising. And no one else was around to say anything different, Satoru was depressed, Satoru used drugs, Satoru had not left the apartment of his own will for two years. If he died.

"Once you get better, I might bring more," the woman murmured drawing the chin to where those eyes were looking at her.

It took well after the woman left before Satoru's mind began to comprehend, and after another hour or so the numbing haze left him as it all ways did. Usually -if he wasn't filthy, he would just take more and more of the drug until he fogged back into a place where his broken heart was that of a dulled, pulsating pain that rode through his body along with his blood.

The End

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