Satoru's lucidity brings to light his unhealthy situation for the last few years. But he deserves it, and even if he didn't, what was left of himself to attempt to make better?

Vague espresso colored eyes held no life even if the body they were attached to drew breath, the capsule of emptiness that was once kind and caring Satoru Kahn. But that person had been long gone, died of heart break and yet the heart continued to pump blood. His lungs filled with air, body craved food that the boy did not notice. Skin tight on his bone, long hair some what maintained though that was usually because of other. Though light drew a reaction, a slight flinch within the thin fingers which where wrapped around a picture frame long since shattered though the picture remain in tacked. A smiling woman, with thin fingers and short black hair and the same brown eyes.

The room which had been illuminated revealed a rather modest apartment, clean and almost looking as if no one lived in it let alone a twenty two year old drug addict. Who sat upon the flood, only half aware of the picture frame or of the person who entered the room. The only sign of the boy's 'habit' being that of the opium on the table matched with a lighter, beside an uneaten plate of food.


A rather attractive woman possibly in her thirties with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes manicured blue nails reaching out and digging into the tin jaw drawing the dazed eyes towards her.

"You would move to get this, you shower, you do drugs but you wont fucking eat anything," she muttered angrily, more so to herself and not seeming to show too much emotion except anger rather than concern.

Drawing a thumb over the full lips her eyes did not soften though the anger began to dissipate instead drawing the slightly taller up. Allowing him to fall back, not seeming to care too much about the opiet induced state he was in.

At this point, he could care less of anything that happened. His mother was dead after such a long fight.

There had never been enough time with her, tears rolled down from slow blinking eyes, heart clenching.

No matter how much opium he used, no matter the method these emotions seemed to be able to echo into a body that for so long had been dead.

The woman and man introduced him to the drug on his mother's death bed.

The woman and man had once been known as Kathrin and her husband Vincent had taken pity upon the ailing florist and young son. Paying for the medical treatments when she had to go to the hospital and sending Satoru to school and later a nice private tutor.

Though Satoru knew this was not just form the goodness of their heart, he had been stalked by this predatory couple. And his mother was in no health to have to worry, and the boy had promised once his mother was better- He would tell her the truth, that they were not the simply flamboyant caring benefactors.. To show her they were not good people, but that wouldn't have mattered because she-she would have been better and all had been worth it.

The End

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