Chapter 3: What has changed

"Look, she's waking up. Can you speak? Do you know where you are?" The doctor is standing over me, but I can barely see him. It's like someone swirled all those lights together... What's going on?

"Honey, you hit your head."

"On what?" I heard myself say it, but I don't think I made myself do it...

"Well, the windshield of a car." My mother hadn't lost her sense of humor at all... at least, I think it's my mother. I can hear her voice saying it, but the lights are still moving around like i'm looking up to the sky while swimming underwater.

I open my eyes, and the true light scars my view.

"Look, she's waking up. Can you speak? Do you know where you are?" Yet again, I can see the doctor standing over me. This time, however, I can see perfectly fine. My mother and father are standing near by, holding one another as they anxiously look over to make sure I'm still alive. In there eyes I see more confusion than worry, and this is something I don't think I'm ready for.

"Honey, you hit your head." I knew what I was supposed to say, so I said it.

"On what?" The enthusiasm was lost since I already knew the answer.

"Well, the windshield of a car." A heavy sigh escapes my chest as I nod to them. Might as well see what comes next in my life... wait... What happened exactly?

"Mom. What happened?" There was a level of fear and emotion in my voice that probably hasn't been used for years. It came as just as big of a shock to my parents. They figured out that I really didn't know what had happened.

"You got hit by a car, didn't you see..." her words almost escape her as she risks a quick glance towards to the doctor. She's managing my chart.

"I'll be back in a minute, okay?" The doctor smiles sweetly to us all and gracfully walks out of the room.

"You didn't see it happen?"

"What happened to you?"

"What's changed?"

"Are you okay?" My parents' rapid inquiries sent me spinning. When doctors say patients need rest, they REALLY mean to cut down on the stress.

"Guys! Chill!" They need to focus. "I don't know what happened. What I saw was going according to plan, and something changed... I don't know how, but something changed."

"But how? I mean... it hasn't done this before has it?" Yea, like these powers came with a user manual. See back of book for troubleshooting guide.

"I don't know... maybe... maybe it's not all set in stone?"

The End

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