Chapter 1: Good Morning

Today feels different.

I sit up, rub my eyes, stretch my arms out, crawl out of bed, and trip. Just like what I saw in my dream last night.

You know, I'm sort of jealous of other people. They get to have cool dreams that tell them about what they feel, or the problems they are worried about. Me? I get what happens the next day.

It doesn't end there though, if I close my eyes for even an instant I see what's coming next. If I think about what will happen I'll get an image in my head.

It's like I have a crystal ball in my head that won't turn off.

I get changed, rip my shirt, put on a new one, wander into the bathroom and wash up for the day.

The bus is running late so I shout it down to my mother so she doesn't rush. Poor woman. I wonder how she feels about her freak of a daughter.

I'd ask her but I know she'd just say she loves me fine, and I don't need clairvoyance to see that.

But still, as I trot downstairs with my backback on my shoulder, today feels really different, which is odd since I didn't see anything strange happening today.

I hate school. I don't have any friends (partly due to my poor social skills), and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I know the answers to homework and tests before we have them, so my drive to actually become educated is a tad poor. Mostly I sleep through classes and amaze the teachers at my perfect scores.

Every year we have new teachers, and every year they try and catch me in the act of cheating before giving up around christmas.

Poor souls.

"Hey Rachel." Call me Nostradamus.

"Hey Zach", people are used to my lack of enthusiasm throughout the day, so my groaned reply didn't phase him. Silly boy.

"I was wondering if you knew what the homework was for last night." Ironic as it is, my memory is really bad. I guess futuresight is the trade off for 'can't-remember-yesterday'. Luckily I didn't have to embarrass myself, since I not only wrote it down, but I even did the homework.

"Pages 141 and 142, numbers 1 through 30, odd for math. We had to read the chapter for english, and do IDs for Euro."

"Thanks." He walked back to his desk to fake the math homework and the ID's. I really wish I could muster a bit more excitment when talking to him. Zach's pretty cute, and maybe we would have a chance, but I really don't want to deal with how I would approach my special situation. Besides, I haven't see it yet, and I'm pretty sure that "predestination" thing is real since everything I see happens.

I like to contradict myself, it's fun.

There goes the bell. Someone is down the hall vomiting, someone is going to trip down the stairs, and I'm going to avoid both of them by taking alternates of both. Such a fun life.

So very, very boring.

The End

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