What is Happiness?

I've had many discussions about happiness throughout my life. But I never fully understood what the question "are you happy" really meant.

     Are you happy? Most people would answer yes or no. But do you even know what the question really means? What is happiness? How do you acquire it? How do you even define it?

     Now, before the little voice in your head starts talking, I can tell you some possibilities of your ideas for the origin of happiness. Money, spiritual awareness, love, success. But how much of those things will it take? You probably have had money at some point in your life. Was it enough to make you happy? Your relationship with you and your maker, does it quench your thirst for more? Does love fill your heart with bliss? Does success ever fill the void of endless goals?

     To me, happiness is a representation. It represents the impossible. And people run themselves into the ground trying to find the things in life that make them happy, when, in reality, there is nothing that will. Happiness is not something you can have and hold. It can never be caged or kept. It is a haunting thought that take hold of your mind and warps it into an obsessive parasite, nagging and nagging at who you are. It is the root of regret and despair. Happiness is poison, because it is ever fleeting. 

     People take it all too seriously, being happy. It is what drives people to madness. We chase it for our entire lives, and only when we lie to ourselves to we feel the ghost of it. I don't think anyone has ever truly been just happy before. Just happy, nothing else. It is always tainted by our humanity. 

What is happiness to you?


The End

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