I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Everyone was waking up and we continued on our journey. About half way through the day I could see the small village of Bellen. There huts were very small. I thought there were just small in the distance but as we got closer it was still small.

Once we reached the village. We noticed that a lot of villagers were busy working. Running around and didn’t even notice us enter the village. Once we reached the center of the village one of my guards started yelling to get the people’s attention. After a bit of yelling people started to notice me.

“This is Princess Chessiana, Princess of Arcia. And she has come here under King Mistonio’s order. She is here to make sure your loyalty still resides under her father” Bellowed the guard. The people were quite but then we heard some fighting coming from behind. We turned around and saw a village arguing with one of those beasts. He was wearing all black and it even covered his face. The only reason we could tell that he was a beast was his ugly dog like tail. “He is one of them, Kill him” One of my guards yelled and a couple went after him. The villagers and my soldiers were all looking at me.

“My father has befriended this village and has helped you for a long time.” Everyone was listening to me. I usually do no make speeches but I knew I must. “He has befriended and you let the likes of that ugly beast to roam you village.” I said my anger level raising. “Princess we have never seen him before. We swear. We are loyal and friends of your father.” One villager shouted.

“You know what happens in my village to people who associate with the likes of them?” I asked. There was only silence. I needed to show them, discipline them. I lifted my hand and ignited it in flames. I looked around. I looked at a hut and sent out my fireball at it. Anger rising in me I set fires to a couple more homes. The villagers were frantic and scared. I liked the sounds of the screams, the smell of smoke. “This, This is what happens when you choose to live with the likes of them. Now I hope you will choose to be loyal to my father” I bellowed over there screams in a loud defiant voice. I watched the people crying in fear and got a feeling of enjoyment. The same feeling as watching that person get tortured with my father. My guards escorted me out of the village. Even though I didnt want to leave The two that went to kill the animal lost him in the crowd. So we need to stay on our guard. I would be a target for any of them. We continued on our quest leaving the city burning. As we left I felt powerful. I felt like I had done what was right. I have taught them a lesson. Let’s see them turn against him again.  


The End

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