Journey Begins

The room had a dining table with glasses of wine they were drinking and nice chairs. There was also some cabinets and dressers. There were statues and pictures on the walls and a nice carpet. If this was just a nice meeting room why was I never allowed to enter until now.  

I decided to tell him about my professor. “Father I needed to tell you that professor Claudian can’t teach me anymore.” I told him. “That is good then you must have completed your training and he must think that you are ready as well.” He said. “Father ready? For What?” I asked in confusion.

“Well Chess let me introduce you to these two men sir Warlinton and sir Kirtif. They will be commanding the troops that are going scouting in the northern mountains” He introduced them as they bowed and kissed my hand. “It’s a pleaser to meet the two of you.” I said remembering to use my manners to not disappoint my father. “I know these men will be able to find what we are looking for. They are strong, brave, and intelligent but they asked for something special to take with them on this journey. And I agreed” He said I was still very confused. “Chessy they had asked for you to join them.” He explained.

I was shocked and happy and excited but being very careful to control myself. “We all believe that your abilities to control the elements would be very useful to their quest. I also believe that the villagers would like to see what their future queen is capable of.” He told me. I looked at him for a second. “I will accept?” I tried to sound confident. “You never had a choice dear but I am glad that you want to be a part of this.” He told me. “When will we be leaving for the northern mountains?” I asked.  “The day after tomorrow” Sir Warlinton answered. I nodded. “Alright now Chess why don’t you go and get…a… something to eat?” My father asked trying to rush me out. I said goodbye to him and Sir Kirtif and Sir Warlinton and left the room.

                I went and got food but I didn’t really eat. I just poked at my food thinking about what had happened just now. I was going on a quest to bring down filthy vermin which is all I ever wanted to do. But am I ready? Can I control myself? I have to if I disappoint my father then…… After I finished playing with my meal I went up to my room and tried to sleep. It did eventually come but I also work with a strange dream. When I woke that morning I spent most of the day with my father and the men going on the quest and the villagers. Everyone seemed excited that I was leaving to go on this journey. They were getting me pumped and excited. After all the excitement settled down and the day was coming to an end my father called me into his quarter. “Chessy this is a very important mission.” He explained. “I know” I told him. “I need you to know everything you do is reflected back here on me.” He said anger growing in his tone. “I understand father I will not disappoint you.” I promised. “We can do this.” I told him. “These mongrels are dangerous, mean and brutal, if something goes wrong…..” he stopped dead sentence not wanting to say any more. I nodded to show I understand what he meant. “Alright now go get some rest for tomorrow starts our rise to complete control.

The End

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