Our castle is enormous. The biggest one I have ever seen but I know every inch of it and could walk it with my eyes close. It is black and the main part of the castle is surrounded all the way around by a huge wall and many many many guards. The main building has many rooms and two floors and two towers on each side. I finally reached the back gate.

It was surrounded by many guards and archers like usual. One named Jif grabbed my collar as I came over and threw my hood off. I showed him my amulet that was around my neck. “Jif it’s me” I told him. He let me go “Sorry princess I am just doing my job” He apologized. “I know” I said and they opened the gate and I walked through it. I have been shoved pushed and worse by some of the guards trying to enter my own home. But my father says it is for our own protection.

Once I got through the gate I threw my hood back up and ran all the way to the front of the castle. Running into guards and workers. Once I got to the front I ran up the stairs and pushed open the wooden castle doors with black lion knockers on them. The first room I entered was the entrance hall. I turned right and walked straight down the dark hall. The rooms are always dark because there isn’t many windows. I got to the old stair case and flew up the stairs looking at the pictures on the walls as I passed. Once I got to the second floor I took a right down the first hallway and darted into the second room.

Professor Claudian was standing by the desk reading an opened book on the desk. “I apologies for being late professor my father wanted me to gain him for a tort….” He cut me off. “ It is alright child you only hurt yourself when you are late.” He said in a knowledgeable voice. Professor Claudian has been teaching me for a very long time. I am use to him saying things like this. He is also use to me being late. He was wearing his usual long blue robe over his old worn down armor that is out of date. He has a long white beard and white hair. “So child what should I teach you today?” He asked me. “You are the teacher.” I said. “Yes of course maybe we should study a little history or geography?” He said.

“But professor you know I know the history of Arcia by heart and I know my geography. Can you please teach me some stronger magic or more about my abilities?” I asked him. “I think that history and geography would be more useful for you in the future.” He said always seeming to know more then what he says. “I want to be stronger. I want to be able to be more useful in a fight and in the war. Not be able to place where Arcia is found on a map.” I told him. “Well then I don’t think I will be able to teach you anything if that is what you are set on learning.” He said disappointedly.

I walked out of the room in rage and cussing at the stupid old man. I walked down the hall into my room and slammed the door. I stomped around the room and my hands lighted up on fire. I was careful to not burn anything in my room. My father would not be pleased if I did that again. I put my hands out once my anger subsided. I decided to go talk to my father and tell him about the old man not wishing to teach me anymore. I first went to look for him in his quarters next to mine but he was not there. I went downstairs and looked for him in the ball room and the throne room but again he was not there. I didn’t think he would be at the chamber still or in the towers or village. So I decided to go check for him in his lounge. I walked up and knocked on the door for I am not allowed to enter into his lounge. “Who is there?” My father asked. “It is me father I must speak with you.” I said through the door. He hesitated but came to the door. He slowly opened the door. “Chessy I have visitors you know you are not allowed to disturb me” My father said in an angry tone. “I Know father but….” One of the gentlemen that was in the room with my father called to my dad. He turned and looked at him and they started mumbling things that I couldn’t quite understand. He turned back to face me. “Chessy would you like to come in so we can talk?” He asked me. Shock came over me. He has never asked me to come into his room let alone when he has company. He opened the door for me and I walked into the room. 

The End

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