What is 'Evil'?

This was a prompt in my english class, and as I was in quite a bit of pain that day from a broken foot, perhaps my mind was not in the most nobel of places. No less, I agree with this firmly.

    Evil, a thought that is characterized by a man to another telling that one should put others before himself, is the final bastion of the weak willed individual veiying for equality. Common descriptive points over 'evil' speak of 'selfishness', 'narcissism', 'delusions of grandeur' while good falls on the shoulders of of those who 'Give' and step aside their own goals for the ones who cannot do it on their own.
    Evil is power, pursuit, the untapped potential in man. Evil is not wrong save only in the eyes of the jealous hero.
    Good is to do best by society, to be free of one's self for a common goal. Would this make a community evil? A collection of people who's combined efforts to better the community. In a sense, that self serving community, one that focuses on it's own advancement, is prime evil. Are we then not products of our environment and should not be characterized by what we associate ourselves with? If so, we are all 'Evil'.
    Good, goodness, what ever you wish to call it, seems a crude manipulation and distorted vision of 'Evil' were we qualify 'wrong' with 'good intentions'.
    Evil is truth, good hypocrisy.

The End

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