Chapter 2.1Mature

Audrey gasped, her hand going to her throat. How could Brody not recognise her? After all their time together?

                “Brody it’s me,” she pleaded, reaching for the hand he had just removed from her grasp. “Your wife, Audrey. Please tell me you recognise me.”

                Brody turned his eyes to her, his look cold and unknowing, and she knew without a doubt that he had no clue who she was. “I don’t know what game you think you’re playing, but I’m not married. And Audrey isn’t even the name of my girlfriend, I’m dating Danielle,” he said, his voice cold.

                With a stifled sob, Audrey rose in her seat, her wedding ring catching the light. Then without a word, she pushed through the door, almost knocking over the doctor and nurse just entering, and disappeared down the corridor.

                Henrietta stared after her, then at her brother. “You have no clue who she is?” she asked, her voice soft. “You really have no clue?”

                Brody looked confused once, both at the woman’s reaction and now his sister. “I have no idea Henrietta. Just like I have no idea why you look so much older than last time I saw you. You’re supposed to 15, but you look like you’re a grown woman now.”

                Henrietta glanced at the doctor, who was taking some notes. “I trust you guys can figure out what’s happened here? You’ll want to run more tests?” she asked. The doctor nodded, but was interrupted before speaking. “Because I need to let his parents know and track down my sister in law, but I don’t want him left alone.”

                As Henrietta left the room, Brody felt his confusion mounting. Her words seemed to confirm that that woman was his wife. But how could that be when just yesterday he was having lunch with Danielle and preparing for his final exams. He’d been pre selected into a graduate position at a computer firm, and his life was looking promising.

                Brody’s head was hurting, and the hand he moved to press against it felt heavy. Looking down at it, he noticed the cast covering his elbow, and the ring on his finger, a wedding ring no doubt. Just what was going on? Why was he in the hospital?

                “I trust you have a lot of questions,” the doctor said, taking down some notes from the machine surrounding him.

                “Yes. Like why the heck I am in the hospital, wearing a wedding ring, with someone claiming to be my wife?” Brody demanded, his voice raw as if from lack of use.

                The doctor pulled out a torch and began shining it in Brody’s eyes. “Can you tell me your name and the date,” he asked, making some more notes.

                Brody was able to recite his name without comment, but the date got a startled look from the nurse. “It’s September 1st2005,” he offered.

                The doctor frowned. “Who is the prime minister of Australia?” he asked.

                “John Howard of course,” answered Brody, wondering why the confusion.

                “And how old are you?”


                There were a few more questions, before the doctor glanced at the nurse. “I promise I will answer the questions no doubt clouding your mind, but first I’d like permission to perform a few different brain scans. You were in an accident Brody and it seems the damage was more extensive than we feared.”

                “And after the scans you’ll tell me just what the heck is going on?” he asked, suddenly tired.

                “I promise,” the doctor said, as he and the nurse moved around, quickly preparing him for transport. Another nurse stepped into the room to assist. As he was wheeled outside the room, he saw his mum and dad standing beside the doorway. Katherine broke into tears the second she saw him, and he noticed how worn out his dad looked, before he was wheeled off, to have his head be checked out, and hopefully learn just what kind of strange situation he had found himself in. 

The End

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