Chapter 1.2Mature

Walking into the hospital, Audrey approached the front desk, determined to find out where her husband was. After receiving directions she set off at a brisk pace down a hallway, hoping that he was alright, that the damage wasn’t too bad. Please let him make it through this, she offered as a silent pray to a god she had long since given up on.

                The first thing she saw was Katherine Newman’s tear stained face, and a doctor standing beside her. Katherine let out a cry when she saw Audrey, and stretched out her arms, hugging her daughter in law to her close. “He’s alive,” she said, before breaking down into tears.

                Relief surged through Audrey, before she turned to the doctor. “Tell me everything,” she said simply.

                The doctor nodded, glancing down at the chart before him. “Your husband was involved in a serious car accident. According to my report a driver ran a red light, colliding with your husband’s car. Luckily, there was minimal physical damage. He has a few broken ribs, and a broken arm. However, he also a pretty serious head injury that is concerning us.”

                “A head injury... how serious?” asked Audrey, trying to take in all the information.

                “We won’t know until the swelling goes down and we can get a clear image. What I can tell you is that at the moment it appears your husband has entered a coma. We are expecting that he will come out of it, at the present time, but we won’t know the full details until we can perform more tests. There is a chance that there was brain damage. Just know that we are doing everything we can for him.”

                “Can I see him?” Audrey asked, her voice again shaking. A coma? She had read many stories on comas, had seen them on the television. Sometimes people didn’t wake up from comas. What if Brody never woke, what is she never saw his smile again? Hear his laugh? Feel his touch?

                The doctor nodded silently, before holding open the door to the room they were standing in front of. “He looks in worse shape than he is; there is a lot of bruising. Your husband was pretty lucky, the other driver hit the passenger side of his car, otherwise he might not be here today.”

                Audrey nodded at the words, trying to stifle the sobs that rose in her throat at the sight of her husband lying unconscious on the bed, machines beeping around him, bandages and a cast covering his injuries, bruising mottling his once clear skin. Tears glistened in her eyes. This was her husband, the man who always seemed so strong, who seemed almost invulnerable, lying before her.

                Beside her, Katherine let out a loud gasp. “Oh my baby,” she said, before rushing to the bed, loudly sobbing. Silently Audrey followed behind, taking the seat on the other side of Brody, and reaching for his hand. It felt warm in hers and she could feel his heartbeat, still strong despite his condition. It reassured her to feel him so alive still. He would make it through this, she just knew it. No matter what happened, no matter what brain damage he sustained, he would still be her Brody, and together they would pull through this.

                “I’m right here Brody,” she whispered, barely audible over Katherine’s sobs. “I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere. I love you.”

The End

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