What is 2009 for you?

What does tomorrow bring?
New Beginnings
Renowned Hope
An opportunity to start afresh.
I am shedding the skin of 2008.
Which was a year that left a bad taste in my mouth & my brain under a haze of fog.

I look forward to 2009 with hope and optimism.
I want to gently embrace the year.
To hold each day close in my heart and life full within my spirit.
I want to work hard to make it more than just financially fruitful.
I need an emotional abundance and clarified communications as well.
Relationships and connections with others that are true and real and deep.
It's about enjoying all that I rightfully deserve and expressing my needs.
It's about standing tall and proud and continuing on with joy for my daughters’ sake.
It's about knowing the gifts that I have been given…
The gift of the dawn of a new day.

It's about taking each quarter of the year, each change of the season to focus on myself Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically.
It's about change.
Positive constructive self-criticism and loving kindness.
It is to bring about change to situations as a peaceful warrior,
and to conquer my greatest enemy:
Yet to do so with rebellious compassion.

I am ready for tomorrow.
Tomorrow here you come
Rising up over the hilltops
To bless me with the sun.
Greetings to you 2009.

It is going to be a great year, because I am willing it to be so.
Everything begins in the mind, and it is all about how we perceive things and handle situations.

To live the year heroically and without fear of obstacles that stand in the way.
To brave the hard moments that reside within the realities of everyday life.
If I am just brave within these moments, and am truly strong then everything else is essentially cake.

2009: You are going to be a fabulous year for this fabulous woman.

The End

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