What is...?

what is emotion?

What is emotion?


passion is what rages through the heart, connected to love it binds its self to the inner most workings of the soul, raging like an unstoppable flame, it keeps love alive as they stroll hand in hand until life's end.


love, as said before entwined with passion, is a life source for the heart and indeed life its self, for there is no life (as we know it) without love, without love the heart cannot  be and nether can we, love is the driving force of nature, it cannot be stopped, it can only be found and nurtured, so once it is found never let go, for no one can truly know love until they have found it


happiness is an infectious essence, triggered by something as simple as a smile, it lifts you, lets you know your worth something and that you make a difference, it relieves you of fear pain and sorrow, enhancing love, joy and elation, it is the light that destroys the darkness of guilt that weighs down your heart.

The End

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