What if we meet again?

ten year old girl falls and hits her head. She forgets her childhood and her best friend Sam. Who she later meets again in college.

Behind my parent’s house was a beautiful meadow, for miles all you could see was different types of sweet-scented flowers. Birds could be heard chirping merrily in the surrounding trees, squirrels raced up and down the trunks. Strolling through the forest, you could feel the grass beneath your feet making pathways for you to walk. Fresh air hung over the forest like a luxurious blanket; it was an uplifting smell and could almost be tasted.  Today was a particurly sunny day, so ten year old me was making use of the sunshine, by playing tap with my best friend Sam.

“Tap!” I yelled, running as fast as my tiny legs could carry me, “Look Sam, a river!” I skipped over and leapt up onto one of the slippery rocks, the river sparkled in the magnificent, orange and dazzling sunshine. “Be careful Penny.” Sam looked cautiously up at me, with his huge brown eyes. I began hopping from one rock to the other. That was when it happened. I lost my footing, fell backwards and thumped my head on the rock behind. Last thing I remember was feeling blood staining my long, flaming red hair, tears streaming down my rosy cheeks and Sam screaming.

Eight years later and it was my first day of college.  I had just woken from the same recurring dream I have every night, I still wasn’t sure if it was a memory or just a nightmare. I was ten years old and I was running from a boy who looked about my age. Suddenly I spot a river, jump up onto a rock, and then I slip and hit my head.  That’s when I jolt awake with a start. Understandably I had never mentioned this to my parents; it would just make them worry. Well more worried than they always are around me. Seriously, it’s like they’re always walking on egg-shells.

Sitting at my white, French, vintage dressing table, I looked in the mirror that was in front of me. A somewhat pretty girl stared back at me. My hair was a fiery-red and fell to my waist, long lashes outlined emerald-green eyes, and my skin was freckled and pale. “Penny, you’re going to be late!” a voice called up from somewhere below the floorboards. Grimacing at my reflection, I stood up and raced downstairs. Facing me at the bottom of the stairs, was my mother-her hair was cut into an inverted bob and was the colour of the darkest of nights, with the same emerald-green eyes (that were behind wire-rimmed glasses).

“Bye mum.” I pecked her on the cheek and hurried out of the door, dad was still in bed- he was probably up late last night at some function he had organised. I arrived at the bus stop and I wasn’t alone; leaning against a wall was a boy who appeared to be my age, he had russet brown curly hair, intense blue eyes that widened as they locked onto mine, and looked good in his skinny jeans and beat-up leather jacket. We stood there for what seemed like forever, there was something familiar about this guy. But I had never seen this boy before, have i? Before I could say anything to him, I heard the bus stop just behind me.

The bus stopped outside the college. It didn’t look that terrifying, even if it was a gigantic building, with just under 1000 classrooms and cafes situated around the grounds. In the reflection of the reception doors, I could see mystery boy walking behind me, who was he? And why had he looked surprised or shocked when he saw me at the bus stop? I spun around to ask him where I knew him from, however he had disappeared. Baffled, I went to my first class.  Bonnie, my best friend, waved enthusiastically and pointed to the seat next to her.

“Hi Bon,” I smiled at her. Bonnie was petite, with auburn curls and a small heart-shaped face, her eyes were a chocolate brown and when she laughed her whole face lit up, “How was your summer?” “It was great…” I tuned out at that point, I didn’t do it on purpose, and all I could think about was the mystery boy. In my mind’s eye, I could see the small boy who haunted my dreams. Did this boy have something to do with the one I glimpsed this morning? And would I ever find out? My teacher entering the room interrupted my thoughts. “Good morning everybody, and welcome to print and publishing. I am Simone Holmes.” First of all we had to introduce ourselves, and then we had to write a short essay on something we were interested in. Already it seemed as if everyone had split up into groups. Bonnie and I weren’t on our own the whole time, at one point we were talking to this cute blonde girl about her family holiday in Paris. At another stage, we were chatting to this guy called Dan. Instantly, I could tell by looking at Bonnie’s face she liked the look of him. With ruffled golden hair, navy blue eyes and broad shoulders, Dan was definitely the type of guy Bonnie would fall for. After class we walked to the main café.

Staring blankly into space Sam fantasized about the girl, who had occupied his thoughts since he was six. After the accident, his mum had decided to get a new job in London which meant he would never set eyes on his best friend again. Until twelve years later, when his mum agreed to let him attend college in the town he had lived in. Still daydreaming he thought about Penny’s accident. Vividly, he could remember the terror he felt as she fell and smacked her head, the crimson blood that flowed rapidly into the river and the tears he saw spilling freely out of Penny’s eyes before she blacked out.  

All around him the café buzzed with laughter, and Sam’s classmates were discussing a band some of them had gone to watch a few weeks beforehand. However, all he was focused on was remembering Penny’s long red hair which had always fascinated him, and the way her eyes brightened up when she smiled. Although his earliest memories of her were when he was six, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t forget about the girl who played a major role in his childhood. Then, unexpectedly, he had seen her that very morning at the bus stop. At first he was shocked, but once he had gotten over it, the warmth he felt from seeing her again, flowed through his body from head to toe. Before he could say anything to Penny, the bus had pulled up behind her. Another chance to speak to her rose, when they had arrived at the college. Sam had so badly wanted to talk to her, but he had become too nervous and had rushed to class. Sensing someone watching him, he looked at the automatic doors, it was Penny.  

“I’m so hungry!” whined Bonnie, for what seemed the hundredth time. Honestly, Bonnie could eat loads and never get fat, whereas my food goes straight to my behind. I didn’t even notice her go to the queue, as someone had me rooted to the spot. Sitting across the room was none other than mystery boy! He was just as gorgeous as I remembered, and there it was again the shocked look he had given me this morning. Would I be able to talk to him? It’d help if I actually moved into the café, but it seemed I couldn’t, his eyes stopped me. Unexpectedly, I was being dragged in the direction of MB.

With my feet scraping along the floor, I allowed myself to be dragged onwards. Just before we arrived at the table, Bonnie turned to me, “Penny, go talk to him.” I have never seen her so serious in the five years I had known her. “Bon it’s not as simple as that. What if he doesn’t want to talk to me?” I looked down at my military boots, as my green eyes filled with tears. Giving me a quick hug, she gave me a little push towards MB’s table



The End

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