Haunted by the killer carrot

It may have seemed a seemingly unimportant event to you, but to the other party it is the chance for the plan to work: the plan being murder.You have skinned it, cut it up then boiled it - while it was alive, revenge mus be taken. It may seem impossible but just think about it; carrots seperated into sections and the ones on your plate are the killers. That's right: killer carrots.  After choking on this suicidal carrot, the feeling never quite leaves you. The tightness of the throat remains and no amount of cool, clear water will help.

Even after this potentially life-thereatening attempt on your life, the carrot chosen to complete this mission isn't dead yet. Did you really think it would be that easy?Laying awake , stomach full of the delicious meal you had eaten hours beforehand, it strikes again. The carrot has returned: haunting your once peaceful and relaxing night. It could come in any form: no-one knows and you won't know until you have been haunted by the killer carrot.

The End

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