What if the world ended and you got trapped in a freezer

Just some random thoughts about the end of life trapped in the freezer with ice-cream... and curley fries :)

 So...It's midnight, you can't get to sleep and you decide to go to sleep in a freezer. Then a bunch of mutant ants come climbing in on an arctic expedition to rescue the long lost pea at the bottom of the murky coldness..

Brr...Random moments...but what then if a comet hit the world and caused the world to burn like a french frie??? I suppose you'd have ready fried chips but then you'd have pretty fried toes as well. Hmmm...tasty... or maybe not. but then again would you still be alive? You're pretty cold, the temperatures 2C or lower so maybe this is a protective layer from the world...

Or maybe the freezer will freeze me to death before it all happens...Ah well I've got the ice-cream so I'm happy :) lol

So the message from this story: If a comet collides with the world find me in the freezer singing 'Count On Me' by bruno mars..... lost in the middle of the sea...you can count on me like 1, 2, 3, 4, and I'll be there.... bruno mars fans you'll get it. loland hey peoples  ly peoples

The End

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