What if ...the sunMature

What would happen if the sn stopped shining?


What if............The Sun

by Eleasah McIntyre


Evey night the sun goes down. Every morning the sun comes up. But what if one morning the sun did not come up. What would happen that morning. What would go through the minds of the people that woke up to darkness. I know what happened. I was there. I woke up in darkness. I lived through that day when darkness covered the whole Earth. There was no light, no power, no heat. Nothing to stop evil.


It was not that long ago. I was 18 years old. I was a different child that had almost no friends but knew everyone. Then one night I had a dream. A dream that was more like a nightmare. I saw a shape cover the sun. It looked like a small cloud in the center of a bright light. But then it started to grow. It grew hands and fingers that grabbed the sun and pulled it into darkness.


“Get out of bed! You will be late for school!” yelled my mom that morning. The sun was shinning and i had a weird feeling that things were going to change. She handed me my lunch as i headed out the door. When i got to school i met my girlfriend AJ at her bus stop. We walked down the hall way together and she asked me what was wrong.


“You look off today”

“I'm fine.”

“Bull shit. What's wrong?”

“I had a weird dream last night.”

“What was it about?”


“Interesting...what about darkness”

“I had a dream about the sun being pulled into darkness by some evil being.”

“That is so weird!”

“Ya think”

Ring Ring Ring


I ran down the hallway because i was late for class, again. I stormed into Mr. Pertinate's class. He asked me why i was late. I told him that my bus was late. That was a lie of course because i walked to school. I sat in that class for about an hour. Then the bell rang. I walked into the hallway and made my past the girls bathroom. AJ was standing by my locker waiting for me. We stood at my locker till the hallway emptied. Then we were alone together.


She grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the janitor's closet. The door closed. We were standing in darkness. I felt her hands searching for my face. They were warm and soft. Slowly move up my body towards my neck. Her middle finger touched my lip. She rushed forward. Her lips hit mine with so much force and passion my back hit the wall. I felt her tongue inside my mouth. It was warm and sweet. My body was starting to tingle with passion. A part of me wanted to let it out. Then i let the animal inside me go. I grabbed her skirt and lifted up so that i could feel her underwear. She pulled me closer.

I pulled her underweardown. AJ grabbed my hand. Then pulled my head closer to her mouth. I relaxed my hand so that she would put it where she wanted it. My hand went past her bellybutton and even past her naval.


“I want you inside of me” she whispered. I did what she asked. She lost her breath for a second the started to kiss me again. I forced my hand farther inside of her. I could tell she liked it by the way she pulled up my shirt and started to nibble on my breast.


Three hours later. We were lying on the floor of the janitor's closet when the lunch bell rang. My eyes were used to the dark and i looked at AJ. She looked at me. I kissed her head, her cheek, her chest and moved my way down her body.


“Do you think your dream will come true?”I stopped what i was doing and look up into her eyes.

“I really hope this one does not come true.”

“Lizzie, all of your dreams come true.”

“I know. I just hope this one doesn't”



“I love you.”

“I know.”

“Owch! No i love you back!” AJ giggled.

“Oh I am sorry! I love you too.”


I stood up and started to put my clothes back on, when she asked where i was going. I said to my planning class. She nodded. I walked into my planing class early. My teacher was going to show my class a movie that day. She wanted me to help her setup the TV. While setting up the TV i asked her what we were watching. She said she didnt know the name of the movie but she said it was about vampires. When the movie started i fell asleep.




“Honey, the bell went 10 minutes ago.” It was AJ. She was standing over me with her hand on my shoulder. I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“Hury! We will be late for the party.”

“What time does the party start?” I asked.


“What time is it now?”



We ran out the door of the school and towards my car. It was (My girlfriend's sister) TD's birthday party. I put my foot on the gas and sped out of the school parking lot. My 1997 camaro stopped at a red light. My ex-boyfriend Tyrel pulled up beside me.


“Lets see how fast that baby can go!” he yelled over my music.

“500 bucks says that i can bet you to the party!” i yelled back. I looked at AJ and she was shaking her head.

“Your on!” laughted Tyrel


I reved my engine. Then the lights changed. I felt the car hurdle forward. I pushed the pedal to the floor. I looked out my window and saw Tyrel's mustang falling behind. I turned my music up, so that i could feel the beat through the floor. I saw TD's house and flew into the drive way. I got out of my car and walked towards the mastang. Tyrel rolled his window down and handed $500 dollars out of the window.


“Thank you.” I taunted.

“That wont happen again!” he said.


I was holding AJ's hand when i walked into the house. I walked up to TD. I gave her a hug and wished her happy birthday. She thanked me and continued making out with her boyfriend Evan. AJ and I had a few to many drinks. AJ was passed out on the couch and I met another rival.


“Yo, hoe lets see how much you can handle!” A drunk black kid yelled.

“Fine. The person that can drink the most shots gets $500” I replied with a grin on my face.



There were 20 shot glasses infont of me and another 20 infront of the black kid. TD looked at me and nodded her head the said go. I drank 10 shots with no problems. I was curious about how well the other kid was doing. He was having a hard time with his 6th shot. I deisided to finish off my 20 then help him with his. After about 3 minutes i heard a clunk on the floor. I looked at the bloob that was on the floor. He just lost $500. I found his walet. Sure enough he had $500. I left a note in it that said “YOU LOST!! - Lizzie” I found my girlfriend where i left her (on the couch). I picked her up and took her out to my car. I drove her home. By the time we got to her house she had woken up. But she was drunk. She kept inviting me inside.


“Come on.” she taunted

“Na, i am tired”

“Pweeze” she gave me the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine” i sighed.


She ran inside before i even turned off the car. I had no idea what she was doing. When i walked inside the house i saw a trail of clothing leading to the bedroom. I rolled my eyes. I walked into the bedroom grabbed AJ by the bra. Pulled her toward me. I kissed her and said good night. She passed out in my arms. I put her in bed and covered her in the blankets, so that she would not get cold. I left the bedroom light on. I put a note by the light switch that read:


Hey Babe,

Do not turn off your light ever. If you want to know why call my cell phone. It has to do with my dream. When you wake up there will be no light other then then light that is in your room. Stay away from the shadows. The sun will not come out tommorow. It will say hidden behind the figure of darkness. Do not go any where that has a shadow or a dark spot. I am the only one that can save anyone. If you see a figure moving towards your light call my cell quickly. From the time you first see the hand to the time you will be consumed by darkness is less then five minutes.

I love you and i dont want anything to happen to you.





* * *


Who is max? I am max. My real name is Lizzie. Max is who i am in darkness. I am know to hell as the killer. I am know to humans as a saviour. I am know to heaven as a beast. I am the only one of my kind. I am human but i am not a moral or an immoral. I age and die. But i can only die from old age. Not from a sword or a bullet. I can not be killed by a spirit or a force. I can not be killed. I can walk into hell and say hi to the devil. I can talk to him while he is shaking in his boots. I can stand infront of god and make him fall to his knees along with all of heaven. I am Max.



* * *


When i got home i went to bed with my leather jacket on. I slept a deep sleep. Then i awoke, to darkness. I knew it was the morning because my alarm clock read 9:00 am. I got up and changed into some clean clothes. I was wearing all black. I had a cross around my neck and a picture of Jesus in my pocket. I put my leather jacket back on and walked out into the darkness. I heard the demons and i felt them touch me. Every time they came near they would scream in pain and terror, then brust into flame. I knew where i was going and i also knew i had to be fast. So i jogged down the street towards where i had to go.


My cell started to ring. The caller ID read: AJ

Are you ok?” i said when i anwered the phone.

No! I can see that black hand crawing up the wall! I am scared.”

i need you to stay on the phone i will be there in a second.”


AJ, AJ?”


I started to run. I ran, so fast that all you saw behind me was thousands of demons burning. When i got to AJ's house i burst into the door and i saw the body of my girlfriend. She was consumed by darkness. I nelt down and kissed her forhead. It was cold and black but it seemed to burn my lips. I felt the tears rolling down my face.


max” There was a tounting voice.

what?” I slowly turned around.

she is mine now.” It was him.

that is what you think, Satan” I looked him in the eyes. They were full or revenge and fear.

that is what i know because you have no way to stop me.”

really” I said slyly.

Your know what, i think i will be nice. You have a choice...you can save her or you can stop the world from dying by giving me your blood as a promise that you would stay at home for the rest of your life.”

and if i dont choose,”

she will be my wife and the human race will be my dinner” I grabbed him by the head (my judgment clouded by anger.

That is what you think, ass hole” And with that sentence i alowed my soul to take over. I was shining and all you could see was the darkness that was the devil and the body of my girlfiend. The devil was screaming. “You will be punished for this.” I said deeply.



With AJ's body across my shoulders i ran to the graveyard. I could feel the ground shaking under my feet. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ordered the gates of hell to open.


I knew that the devil had my AJ down there i just had to find her. The devil thinks that he is so smart by hiding her where he lives. I dont think so. I will find her.


The gates of hell opened that the order. Well acutall they fell and crumbled into a thousand pieces. I put AJ's body down because it could not withstand the fires of hell. I covered it with the picture of jesus i had in my pocket so that it would be safe. Then I walked into the fire. I saw what looked a little bit like Satan but wasn't him. As i got closer i reallized it was my old friend Crusifer. He was almost as tall as Satan. I walked up and asked him politely where the girl was. He wasnt stupid. I asked him again but that time i raised my voice a little. I still got no answer but i noticed that he started to tremble. So i asked him one last time. I asked him so loudly that the ground began to shake and Crusifer fell to his knees.


Do you want to take a chance?” I asked softly after he fell.

no miss

Good then tell me where she is”

my master is keeping her in his chamber.........please dont hurt me

i will not hurt you as long as i can get in that room”

thank you miss. You should have no trouble getting in the chamber. He doesnt keep it locked.

Thank you Crusifer” I said kindly.


I knew where Satan's chamber was because i had been there before. When i got to the door i tried to open it and to my surprise it was unlocked. Then i saw her. The love of my life was tied to his bed with flaming chains. She was naked and vanerable. I ran to the bed and quickly broke that chains. She grabbed my head and kissed me. It wasnt the first time i had kissed a spirit. After the reunion i lead her out of hell and i brought her to the place where i had laid her body. She looked at it.


Am I dead?

I guess you are in a sense”

Does that mean that i cant be with you?

No. I can bring you back.” I looked at her and smilled. “ly down on top of the body” She did as she was told. As soon as she did that her body and her spirit murged into one. When she got up she was mortal and human.


I had saved the one that i love but now i had to save the rest of the world. I sat down to think about how i could save the world from Satan and give it back to God. I sat there starring at AJ. Then it dawned on me. That i come up with my greatest ideas while sleeping or while i am with my girl. Well it was definatly not the time to do either. I couldnt sleep because i would sleep for 6 hours and that would be way to long. By that time the world would be gone. There was only one other option but i was not in the mood.



hmmmm” i looked up to see AJ taunting me with her body.

honey, I .....missed you” i was silent as she started walking toward me. “I know what you want.”

And what would that be?” I whispered.

me” she whispered in my ear.


She was now on my lap and all i could think about was her body. I felt her shift her body till it was completely on top of my crotch. I felt my heart start to race. I didnt move i didnt even breath. I just wanted to see what she was going to do next. I watched her hands reach for the zipper of my jacket.


GOD!!!” i exclaimed. I had gotten the idea i had been looking for.



* * *


That was it, that was the answer all the problems. God was always the answer. I coulnt believe that i didnt come up with it sooner. I didnt know how i was going to get to heaven. The only thing that i could do was ask God to let me in so that i could save man kind and everything that her created on earth. And i did just that. At first nothing happened then a bright light apeared in the sky. I felt myself being lifted in the air and toward the light. Then i passed out.


When i woke up i was standing infront of God. For most people they would pass out at the sight of God. But this was not my first time infront of him. I just bowed and said i need your help. He understood what i meant.



* * *


Earth was burning. Flames and molten rock quickly burned everything one land. The animals and the people were hinding in the oceans. There were a few boats and millions of people. I my heart froze. I saw mothers throwing their children in the boats. Then the children would watch their mothers grow tired and drown.


Then there was an explotion. The earth was gone. For the first time in my life i felt tears rolling down my face. My whole world was gone. I was truely the last human. At least for a little while. I look at God and he nodded. I closed my eyes and counted to seven.



* * *


We were there together in the the janitors closet and she was still in my arms. I love her. AJ and i are going to be together forever. I can never forget that morning when the sun did not come up, niether can anyone else.






For Now

The End

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