what if the Chinese invented exploding seagulls?

This story is about me. Not you.....Me.

So listen up. I am a real person. I have feelings like a real person. I experience pain like a real person. I go out on a friday night like a real person. I get drunk like a real person, and i try to live my life like a real person. The problem is im not real; I havent been real ever since I met Chusie. Chusie was an amazing person. I met her in a bar in Bejing. At first I thought she was a lady of the night; you know a whore!!! but when I asked her how much to take her back to my hotel, the look on her face was enough to know she was not taking my money tonight. I thought i'd blown it. but I managed to calm her down and we had a few drinks.

        We drank all night. until atleast 5am. Ive never met any one like this before. She understands me and I understand her. We are on the same wave length. For some reason I told her things I wouldn't tell anyone, We simply clicked. I wonder if shes my soul mate? Imagine that! My soul mate was out here in China. My god shes Beautiful.

        So we went back to her house. I was the luckiest man in China believe me. Thats when it all went wrong. Im convinced she hypnotised me or drugged me because as soon as I walked into her apartment things were different. I instantly felt like someone was going to jump me. But it never happened. Instead I just collapsed.

       Now I know what your thinking. I drank alot, I admit, but iv'e never felt like this before. it was like being hit with a giant phone book. Pretty much what I can imagine what its like being shot with a 50 calibre rifle. Yet I felt no pain. There was no blood. I was completely intact. I was still standing. I was, as far as I was concerned alive. Yet I became pretty much invisible, instantly. But whatever happened to me Chusie was invloved.  I used to be a real person, I used to experience pain like a real person, I used to have feelings like a real person and I used to go out like a real person.......On a friday night. Last Friday was my last day on Earth and as a real person. I dont really know what has happened to me. All I know is she was Chinese I was in China and I am no longer real...........

The End

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