My box of collective shamrock clippings has been reciting Pi to 10,000 decimal places!

I learned from the alchemist today that not all birds can operate a forklift. I told him he had clearly eaten too many ice lollies and that his ears weren't on the right face. He told me the back door was open and it would eat me if I didn't take my tricycle and leave, so I kicked him and jumped out the window instead.

A lady on the street told me a proper window doesn't behave in that way, but I told her that she wasn't a window and she patted my trike. It felt like smelling a toaster, so I laughed and stood on a car.

The car decided Ireland, and we went to see a show. There were figs and apircots on a table, but I don't like seeing such things so I closed my eyes.

When I opened my mouth, I was outside and cats were flying around, making noise and punching lanterns. From this I learned never to trust an alligator that's smiling while taking its shower.

The End

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