You're Late Again.

She kept hurrying along until the peeling paint of her green front door was in sight. She fiddled for her keys, which had wriggled deep into her coat pocket. Rayne opened the door slowly and quietly.

'Is that you, Rayne?'

Mrs Trevors sounded annoyed. Rayne closed the door as carefully as possible, in a bid to lessen her mothers wrath.

The mother appeared, clearly annoyed. She stood there for a few seconds, foot tapping impatiently. She held a soggy teatowel tightly in one hand, and twisted it peevishly with the other.

'You're late again, you realise that? This is a very important evening for me. You know your father's boss is coming round for tea, I've had enough trouble already getting your millions of siblings under control without you swanning in at this hour.'

Rayne sighed, looking into her mothers eyes. 'I'm sorry, mum. The bus was late, and, I got caught up talking to Jacob.'

Mrs Trevors spun on her heel and walked briskly into the kitchen. Rayne followed.

'I thought you didn't like that boy.'

'He's alright. Just kind of gets on my nerves sometimes.'

'Rayne, could you do me a favour and go upstairs? I'm sure you have homework to do or something.'

'Don't count on it.'

Mrs Trevors started to chop up lettuce.

'Well at least keep out of the way just for this evening. Look after your brothers, play familty for a while, hmmm?'

'They can look after themselves.'

Lettuce flew off the chopping board onto the floor. Scrappy, the family cat, sniffed curiously at it, then lost interest and walked away.

'Do this favour for me Rayne or I will go insane and I will take you with me. I am very stressed and if I have to tell one more of your brothers or sisters to sit quietly and behave I don't know what I'll do. Do as you're told, please.'

Rayne sighed, mentally cancelling her plans to get some computer stuff done. She slunk upstairs, dragging her bag behind her.





The End

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