The Bus.

Taking her seat amongst the other 40 something students on the bus, Rayne had grown bored of her daily routines. Desparately wishing to trade her average, teenage, rebellish life into something more...more...well thats just it. More. A sigh escaped her lips as the bus began to move from its parked position. Her gaze remained out the window, as it did everyday, taking in life's simple beauty. From the deep green of the trees that grew to the soft sky that carried fluffy clouds across its seas of blue to the birds that flew back and forth endlessly to the depths of nowhere. It was all so serene. All of it gave off a soothing aura that lighten Rayne's spirit. The bus stopped as it always did, letting out its first stop's kids. During this time, Rayne noticed something that was out of the ordinary. On the corner where the bus had stopped was a man dressed in a dark leather trench coat and a Van-helsing style hat that hid his face. Rayne looked away to get the attention of another student.
"Jess. Jessie look at this..." He was gone. Just like that. Poof. Gone. "Nevermind." Rayne said quietly, looking around for the man that had caught her eye so easily and was so quickly was gone. It was as if he has vanished before her eyes. It bothered her as all great conundrums do. It got to her so badly that she almost missed her stop. Almost, if it wasnt for Jacob Martin pinching her in the arm and practically herding her off the bus.
"You're acting weird, Ray. Very weird." He said looking at her with his big brown eyes.
"Its just the strangest things have been happening lately." She said softly, looking at her feet as she walked.
"Strange as in, 'OMG look at that disgusting 2 headed creature' strange or more of a 'Little things I am finally picking up on that are now coming off as weird' strange?" Jacob asked looking over at her before pinching her arm again. "Earth to Ray..." He called out waving his hand before her face. Grabbing his wrist, Rayne looked at the time on his watch.
"I am late again. Sorry Jacob. I will call you later. I have got to go" She said taking off in a run to her house.

The End

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