What if it all disappeared?

From the time she was born, everyone knew there was something different about this girl. Born into a family of 5 little girls and 4 little boys, Rayne was the middle child. It was obvious in the delivery room she was going to be the oddball. All the children in the family, and even her parents, had curly blonde locks. Rayne was born with dark black fuzz that by age 4 progressed into straight jet black sheets. All the kids were a natural tan, something from the mothers side, but Rayne was pale, shear white. But the damning feature was her eyes, the traditional brown eyes that ran in all the family's history, had manifested nothing in Rayne. She looked around through grey blue eyes that had a hint of purity in them. Even looking past her appearence, she had an odd behavior. She would sit in the corner, mumbling to herself. She would stare out into space and at random times would begin crying or screaming. Her mother and father resorted to professional help that showed no outlet to hope in this child. She was just 'eccentric' they said. And eccentric she was.....

"Pull out your books and read Chapter 2 Section 3. Rayne...Rayne..Rayne!" A shrill voice came out of the mouth of a short stocky woman with thick rimmed glasses. She smacked her book on the desk beside the head of the sleeping student. The head shot up and looked around.
"What?! Huh?!" She stammered, looking around. Faces of humilation stared back at her.
"Sleeping again, Mrs. Trevors?" The teacher said, readjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose.
"Uh. No. I was closing my eyes to take in all of your...wonderful lecture, Mrs. Goldsbloom." She replied, giggles and chuckles arose throughout the room.
"There will be none of this disrespect in my class room. Mrs. Trevors. I expect a clear 1000 word essay on your inability to stay awake in my class on my desk by Monday. Are we clear? The rest of you, get to work." Sierra Goldsbloom said.
"Clear we are, young padawan." Rayne said, getting more laughter from the class. Before she could say anything, the bell rang and it was finally here. The weekend.

The End

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