She would trust me to not press myself on her in unwanted ways. She would trust me to not take advantage of her in any way, and that I would respect her in every way. She would trust me to help her to stay pure, and to not do things bad for the body. She would trust me to never try to get her to drink or smoke, she would trust me to never try to get her to do drugs. And she would trust me to do the same for myself.

I would trust her to not cheat on me, even in her mind. I would trust her to not try to get me to do things that i dont want to do physically. I would trust her to not stab my heart. And most of all, i would trust her to love me. She would have no problem falling asleep on me, for she would know that i would not touch her. She would know that she is totally and utterly safe with me. 

We would be happy together, and would have no trouble with being "depressed" so long as we together. We would chat about random things, and we would continue learning new things about each other all the time. We would never get bored of each other, and would fall in love all over again after every fight. We would fight about stupid things, and when we say sorry we would feel silly. but we would learn many things about the other because of the fights, and that is a good thing. We would have ups and downs, but we would remain loyal and stay together. We would tease each other all the time, but when the time is good, we would always show that we care about each other. 

We would dance and laugh in the middle of a storm, and when she pretends to be scared, she would have me hold her. We would lay out under the stars and kiss under the moon, and she would feel safe in my arms. We would always have something to do or talk about so that we dont do things we shouldnt, and we would love every moment spent together.

The End

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