On Bad Days

In school we would pass through the halls, and i would walk with her, even away from my own class. i would smile when i see her, and she would smile when she sees me. We would lock eyes and not look away, walking just a little faster so we are together that much sooner. 

when she has bad days, she would let me know in small ways. Her smile a little smaller than usual, walking slower, other things. I would ask whats wrong and she would say ill tell you later, and she would actually talk to me about it later, or she would tell me as i walk with her. I would try extra hard to give her a good day, and show her that i love her by giving her a kiss when normally i wouldn't, or by an extra long hug and a whispered i love you. 

On my bad days, she would know that something is wrong, and she would make me talk about it, and if i said i was fine, she would frown and get serious and tell me again to tell her. I would smile because of her cuteness as she tried to scold me for not talking, and then i would tell her. I would try to figure things out by myself, but she would know that i need help, and she would make me let her help. even when she wouldn't know what to do, she would do something to make it better. She would give me a tight hug, or kiss me in a secluded corner. she would do something, and not knowing what would make it all the better. 

On the days when we are both down, i would set aside my worries and try to comfort her, and she would let me. She wouldn't try to set her worries aside to help me because she would know that by helping her feel better i am helping myself. And once she is feeling beter, i would talk about what had been bothering me.

The End

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