If I Had Love

i wouldn't be afraid to call her cute or beautiful, and she would turn a little red, not so much that she made me stop though. She would say that im just sayin it, that i dont mean it. But i would smile at her and pull her close, and i would wrap my arm around her waist and tell her that she is amazing and beautiful, and that i wouldnt lie about that. that i would lie to her. then i would take her arms and do a little dance before wrapping them around my shoulders and wrapping my own around her waist and kissing her.

She would laugh at me, and she would tease me a little, but know where my lines are. She wouldnt be afraid of me when im upset, and she would know when to calm me down and when to let me rage. She would comfort me and understand what im saying when i say nothing at all. She would be open with me, and share how she feels. She would know that i would realize when to be serious and when to be silly or something else. she would only feel awkward talking about some things because of the subject, not because it is me she is talking to. She would feel as though she seriously could talk about anything with me and that i would not tease her about things that i shouldnt. She would trust me and know that i would never, could never, betray her secrets. that even if i were angry with her, i would never betray her.

She would not forget about me when with her friends. She would always be excited to see me, and she would always give me a hug goodbye when we have to go different ways. I would understand that she wants to hang out with her friends, and i wouldn't have a problem with it. She would always hug me and give me a kiss when i look like i dont feel welcome somewhere, and she would pull me into her conversations with her friends. She would understand that i dont have many friends, and that she is my best friend. And because of that, she would do her best to make sure i never feel alone.

I would sneak up on her from behind and wrap my arms around her waist, and kiss her on the cheek. she would squeak in suprise, and i would laugh quietly and smell her hair, holding her. She would press her head back against my chest and i would kiss the top of her head, and rest my chin. She would hold my arms tight around her, and lean against me. I would twirl her around so she faces me again, and i would hug her again. She would push me and start walking, making me walk backwards until i hit something, and then she would press herself against me and look up into my face, and smile up at me. I would smile at her and kiss her again, and she would kiss back. 

The End

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