What If I Was Loved?

Pretty much just a fantasy

Walking through the halls we would be holding hands, squeezing each others hands as a way of saying I love you. I would hug her, and hold her close to me. She would press her head into my chest and hold me tight, not letting go even when I loosen my arms. I would laugh and wrap my arms around her again, acting as a shield from the things in this world that would hurt her. she would look up into my eyes and smile at me, and i would lower my face to hers and kiss her. 

We would pass notes in class, and we would talk about everything. She would know how i feel inside, and i would know how she feels. She would be nervous talking about some things, and her face would show it. I would smile because of how cute she looks and at the way she would ask what i'm smiling at, and she would smile back at me when i reply saying its nothing. Then she would snuggle up closer to me and keep talking, her nervousness gone. I would wrap my arm around her and hold her close, my perfectly imperfect little angel.

We would talk on the phone all night, sometimes falling asleep on the phone just because we dont want to hang up. she would say she loves me and i would say i love you more, and when she would say prove it, i would reply saying i will. and she would say that i better. We would laugh and sit there enjoying the silence, knowing that we are thinking about each other. she would call me in the middle of the night, just to tell me about her dream. Or she would tell me about her nightmare and i would comfort her as best i could. she would dream about me, and i of her. When she would have nightmares where i leave her, I would see her as soon as i could and reassure her that i wont leave. That I truly love her and that i could never leave her for long. that no matter how far apart we are, we are still right by each other. 

The End

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